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Puma Urban Mobility- 07.26.07

Puma’s Urban Mobility line… there’s been much talk of the Urban Mobility Bike (folds up… i’ve included the collaborative short NSFW film PUMA and Ryan McGinley teamed up with the Serpentine Gallery on at the end of the post) as well as the limited edition Urban Mobility Bag (top left, whit bag with the wood bottom)… but i’ve heard little about the whole collection, OR the incredible website they’ve made around it (which is SO awesome, i need a separate post for it, coming next). So here are the products i’m in awe of currently… more or less everything integrating wood into the products: The roller is just incredibly sleek and gorgeous! The totes with the contrast of the wood paneling are just breath taking… and that wallet! OH, and the belt? It’s airport friendly! No metal parts, so you can keep your pants up while you go through security! And that black sleeve for laptop accessories was just too pretty not to share as well. Close ups below of products, as well as


Here’s the semi-NSFW adam and eve like film…

Here’s the bike:


And here’s the bag:

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4 Notes

I want this wooden belt

----- Bongani 06.08.13 05:31

I’m a big fan of Puma. I love the white bag and the wallet. The bike is interesting. Wishing someone would give either of the three to me as a gift. Haha. =p

----- Richard Carino III 25.12.09 02:12

This stuff is awesome. I had an opportunity to do an event with the folks from Puma here at my DWR Studio. They brought all of the new UM stuff out for everyone to check out plus Spring ‘08 Footwear. The detail on this stuff is incredible. Puma also gave away one of the white leather limited edition bags for the design contest we had. check it out! http://dwr.typepad.com/designnotes/2007/07/stylin-sneakers.html

----- David Goltl 31.07.07 09:17

love that document wallet - very pretty indeed.

----- Stuart Frisby 27.07.07 06:12

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