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WIN IT! Kasil Denim- 07.30.07

So for day 2 of our NotCouture launch week ~ Win a pair of Kasil Jeans!: I’ll give you till Friday Midnight to let us know in the notes what makes designer denim well worth it to you, and why you’d need a pair of the latest Kasil (and i’ll put the winner in touch with our man at Kasil to hook you up with a pair in your size - don’t be shy, they make guys and girls denim). Also, don’t forget the 25% off at Standard Style is still good today!

Now, for more about Kasil Denim (since i’ve already told you about their website and washes) - time to show you why we love their jeans, not to mention why i’ll be jealous of whoever wins the pair friday! Read more below to see closeups of why we love their button and pocket details, their falcon logo, some sneak peeks of their downtown LA 1920’s ballroom turned denim factory/studio, and their latest look book shots by Mike Rosenthal (yes, the top model one) in an old theater.

Kasil Denim is the 2002 brainchild of David Lim, who has a background as a tailor and education in Fine Arts. It all makes sense that the website has the style it does once finding out that he actually studied Painting at SF Arts School. After art school Lim spent the next three years working as a muralist and traveling around the U.S. before settling back in Los Angeles and entering the family business… custom tailoring. Long story short, somewhere between mastering the skills of a tailor, and experimenting with denim as a medium… crafting himself the perfect jeans, and then is it any surprise that the result is the much coveted denim line of today?

Just some of the little things that make premium denim just that much more tempting to design/detail junkies.

Here is founder David Lim in his converted 1920’s downtown LA ballroom that is now a denim factory and studio with his adorable dog… and his very black and white wall of fame (the chair and black counter are a nice touch).

Here are a few pics from the recently shot look book - models in hot jeans in an old theater by photographer Mike Rosenthal (who was apparently on Top Model recently).

Let’s be honest - when it comes to ladies jeans, how your butt looks is critical in the decision making process.

Here are some of their latest mens jeans.

Here are a few more shots of their latest womens jeans.

Oh, and *blah blah name dropping starting here* for those who care about the celeb side of these things… Kasil has garnered a loyal following while adorning such famous fannies as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, John Travolta, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Liu, Minnie Driver and Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas.

Random factoid of sorts: the name Kasil is a result of reassembled parts of David Lim’s family name.

And if you’ve read this far - don’t miss out on the chance to win a pair - leave a note telling us what makes designer denim well worth it to you, and why you’d need a pair of the latest Kasil.

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79 Notes

For me its durability. If the jeans can go thru a zillion wash cycles and still retain its color and look just like they came from the store, its a plus in my opinion. I’d like to try Kasil, because I don’t have a pair of Kasil,quite yet…

----- Naomi 18.08.08 11:46

what makes designer jeans so important and so impactful is in the name. they are jeans, the backbone of almost every kind of fashion since before i was born. from casual to formal, working to fun, they are a mainstay in the world fashion trade. what makes them particularily special is that they are custom, these are personally designed to make a strong impact on who sees you wearing them. im a graphic designer and i see everything as an aesthetic. if i cant go designer or high fashion i go simple and classic. and thats why i love jeans, they can be simple and classic and they can be formal and high class.

----- jack 23.10.07 21:06

Ok, I have tried so many different brands of jeans to accentuate my figure. I am 5ft 2in, 26 inch waist with an “apple butt” I cant ever find jeans that hug me in all the right places and dont drag on the floor. I have tons of jeans that I have never worn for these reasons. I wear one pair of jeans that are starting to look very worn. I read an article on Oprah’s magazine denim do’s and dont’s. They mentioned Kasil jeans for my body type. I would love to through out all the crapy jeans and replace them with great looking jeans. I WANNA LOOK GOOD IN MY JEANS!

----- Ashley 30.08.07 08:01

It’s about the fit and comfort!

----- Naomi 26.08.07 21:23

There’s few things that will have as much contact with your body over the course of a a lifetime than a pair of jeans, so why not invest a little in that long term relationship? Weight, texture, fabric, are all important but really what you’re paying for with premium jeans is design: thats really the all encompassing luxury. What makes designer denim different is the amount of thought and care that goes into every ounce of their creation, from buttons to stitching, the care is there in ways that you probably wont even realize wearing them.

With premium denim by kasil jeans you’re investing a few extra dollars for the care and expertise of an expert tailor like David Lim and for me that makes it worth the premium.

----- Jack 08.08.07 21:44

I really deserve a good pair designer jeans, because my kids are grown & it’s time I had some nice things in life, instead of sacrificing for them. I can’t stand the thought of putting on another pair of WalMart’s Faded Glory jeans! If I would win these jeans, we would be best friends for many years to come. That’s what a good favorite pair of jeans are like your best friend…inseparable! ! !

----- Arlena Morton 04.08.07 07:49

Sex appeal, simplicity and an apathetic coolness — these are the makings of a great pair of jeans.

----- Jennifer 03.08.07 20:09

The body is a temple; no doubt hanging cheap clothing on it is the same as placing ghastly gargoyles on the church’s facade. Demons outside of my inner self should be banished, sent away; my body should be readorned with Kasil jeans.

----- .j. 03.08.07 19:33

It’s like Audrey Hepburn said:

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for a great ass, slip on a pair of designer jeans.”

Errr, maybe that’s not how the quote goes exactly, but it’s close enough!

----- Erin Sierchio 03.08.07 18:50

Designer jeans are really important to me because of the fit, and fit is EVERYTHING in my life. I’m a 23 year old young woman (which makes me the poster child for “I can’t find anything that fits well”) but even more than that, I just recently became an amputee due to cancer (my left leg). Let me tell you about trying to get pants to fit over a prosthesis. Kasil jeans rock my world and make me look good, which makes me feel good - and isn’t that the most important thing about designer anything?

----- Liana Woods 03.08.07 11:54

if the prize was transferrable… i would say my grandmother deserves these. how cool would that be?

and designer jeans - for a male with a 28 inch waist - ‘tis necessary.

----- matthew harrison 03.08.07 11:50

Why designer denim? Because it’s made with care and tends to last longer and look better. Why do I need this pair of jeans? Because there aren’t a lot of clothing retailers in my small town, and because I can’t afford to buy myself very many clothes while I’m in university.

----- Nicole 03.08.07 11:24

Well, they have a tendency to feel better and fit better, not to mention look better. Designer jeans are where it’s at :).

----- rl 03.08.07 10:07


----- matthew harrison smith 03.08.07 09:19

These jeans will get me one step closer to being James Dean. You’re giving away a Porsche 550 next week, right?

----- Ira 03.08.07 06:39

For me, it is worth it to spend the little bit extra to get great jeans. I always have my one favorite pair and wear them constantly. Having some denim that will last a while and still look great makes all the difference.

----- Phil 03.08.07 05:16

If I had these jeans I would tell all my friends about how great and super-awesome this site is! The giveaways, the discounts, the fab advice! Isn’t that what notcot is about? Spreading the love?

Besides, I am on stage a lot and I need to look good!

----- Jason 02.08.07 22:24

I haven’t exactly grown up in a hive of fashion and designer clothing, and wasn’t introduced to it until a few years ago. I didn’t really think there was much difference besides a huge jump in price between stock clothing and designer labels. But a girl took me shopping for my birthday and got me into a fantastic pair of jeans. They were only from the Gap, but they were so different from anything I had ever worn before. Since then, I’ve introduced more fashioned items into my wardrobe and noticed the subsequent change in my self-attitude. We carry ourselves with more confidence when we know we look good, and we know we look good when we can feel every curve and every seam in that denim.

Now, designer clothing is clearly worth the cost, but not everyone can afford the prices. Ever since I realized the worth, I’ve been helping those around me: taking in shirts and jackets; sewing dresses that conform to the person, not some company’s specifications. The only item I’ve never attempted is a good pair of jeans because I know what kind of work goes into each pair. I admire Kasil for bringing his background in painting to something one normally wouldn’t associate with art, and someday I hope to do the same.

----- Benny 02.08.07 19:47

Why? Because a woman deserves to feel fabulous every once in a while.

----- Adriane 02.08.07 08:46

It’s been seven days since it happened. I’m told it can be therapeutic to talk about these things, so here goes…

One week ago today, I suffered the loss of my beloved designer jeans. I don’t really want to go into the details of their demise, but I will say that it was a senseless act, which offered me no warning. However, I do take some comfort in knowing that the end came swiftly for my dearest denim.

To say that we were close doesn’t begin to describe the connection we had and the time we shared over the years. Joined at the hip, we went everywhere together. Sometimes it seemed like we were one — that’s how comfortable we were with each other. There are so many memories. Like the time we went to Coney Island and the guy running the Cyclone goes, “Nice can,” as we walked by. We had a good laugh about that.

Even during those times when I wasn’t feeling like myself and nothing else seemed to fit, my designer jeans came to the rescue and made me realize everything was going to be all right. I used to take it for granted when people would comment about how good we looked together, and that we were such a “good fit” — not like all those other imposters I used to run around with.

So anyway, the same person that encouraged me to talk about my loss also told me that I was lucky to have experienced and understood the joys of designer jeans and that one day I will feel that way about another pair. It’s better to have loved and lost, and all that crap… Seems unlikely, but we’ll see. Luckily, I have enough skirts to last me for a while.

----- menny 02.08.07 08:15


Me being the man I am, I have needs.

I need to .impress. people.

I need to .shock. people.

I need to be .comfortable..

I need .Kasil.

What else are designer jeans for?


----- Benjamin 02.08.07 04:15

As a girl of 55 years with a family, I need to look my best, enjoy being comfortable, and not worry about whether my jeans fit….. Kasil jeans promise a good fit. I really should have a pair!!

----- Linnea 01.08.07 18:10

taking them off

----- jason 01.08.07 16:07

I was that girl in high school whose jeans were either too short, “Is there a flood coming?” or full of gaps between denim and skin where they did not exactly fit. In all honesty, I hated denim shopping and even more—how they looked on me. Being a 6’ female is tough enough without wardrobe issues.

Now, introduce designer denim. With the many inseams, washes, and cuts, every girl and guy can look like a supermodel and feel like one too. That is the most important thing about denim—feeling sexy. Designer denim brought me a confidence boost from parties to class. Although expensive, they should be called “feel-good jeans.” I feel it’s worth 150.00 to feel like a million bucks. To every girl or guy I would say, “Try it!”

----- Lindsey 01.08.07 16:00

Jeans make the American man. Or make the man American. They define style. They define my style. Except I’m poor, I buy my jeans off eBay and my style needs upgrading. Help me please! Jeans get you laid!

----- Boz 01.08.07 12:20

Why designer jeans? Three words: fit, fit, fit.

----- jamie 01.08.07 09:39

I am a curvy girl and finding jeans that look good is very difficult. I have spent hundreds of dollars on designer jeans but none have made me happy so far. For the last few months I have been doing Yoga like it is my job and I think its time to give jeans another try. Your new brand of designer denim gives me hope that there may be a jean company for me. That’s why designer denim is important, because feeling beautiful and comfortable in you clothes is worth paying a little extra for. Plus, I am an industial designer and I love your buttons and the logo! Please! I would be enternally grateful if you pick me! No matter what, I hope you have lots of continued success and happiness. Namaste!

----- Caroline Kellen 01.08.07 08:04

Just read all the comments.

I’d prefer if you selected moi.
My vote goes to Cassandra.

1.Its all about the butt-touche
The idea my butt, my butt could look good, nay, great in a pair of jeans; it’s almost too much to bear.

2.“You can wear designer jeans.”

I don’t even know you ,but I’m loving your work.

----- Mo 01.08.07 07:05

I was 17 when I had my first love affair with designer denim. Countless hours of research on the internet had paid off when I found myself In a Diesel store in NYC. I already knew what style I wanted (X Rotuck), I already knew what wash I wanted (796). The question was, were they sold out? According to my prior ebay searches I was S.O.L finding them in stores. I asked the Diesel dude if they had what I needed - “oooh man I think were sold out, but let me check in the back” - an eternity later he emerged - and YES they had one pair left a 30 x 32!! I tried it one, looked at myself in the mirror and thought, wow I’d screw me if I wasn’t me. I paid $200 for them, all the money I had. I wore them almost everyday - I couldnt afford another pair. I did everything in them, moved to LA in them, partied in them, and even met my wife in them. Then the inevitable happened. They didnt fit anymore - I had outgrown them. I had to retire my favorite (only) pair of jeans. I was 21.

A great pair of jeans do more than just be stylish and comfortable - they hold your memories and share your experiences. I still have those Diesel jeans in my closet - and when I look at them, all the rips, frays and stains (that werent intentionally put there) are memories that I won’t ever forget.

Now it’s time for a new pair of Kasil jeans for the next chapter of my life!

----- Travis 31.07.07 23:46

Denim isn’t the easiest material to work with, and that’s why designer denim apparel is so damn good. Because you know that anyone who works denim into a good final piece probably had to do some pretty hard stuff to get to that point. You know it’s been properly taken care of… the fabric, the details, the WHOLE design.
Now, why on earth would I want a pair of Kasil jeans? Simple… Because I can’t have them.

----- Juan Cubillo 31.07.07 21:58

Simply put, designer jeans make my ass look great and with the right top and shoes can be a casual yet stylish look for semi-dressy occasions.

I need a pair of Kasils because my ass needs more greatness.

----- Lauren 31.07.07 21:31

I don’t buy designer jeans for the label, I buy it for their superb craftsmanship. Back in the days when I had to go jean shopping, long inseams were not as popular as they are now. I had to get them in the men’s department - the gaping butt sag was a sacrifice to the alternative flood pants. Thank god designers now have jeans in various lengths for various heights that accentuate a woman’s curves! I only splurge on designer denim because they pay special attention to cut, wash, and let’s face it, because nothing else fits better. And since I just ruined 2 pair of my favorite butt jeans because of work recently, there’s no better time than to enter this contest. Let’s see if Kasil will win me over and make me a believer.

----- winnie 31.07.07 19:59

It’s worth it for me because I wear the same jeans over and over again to their death- work, after work drinks, shopping, exhibition openings- everywhere…It helps if they look good too.

----- LK 31.07.07 18:35

Easy : got the guitar, now I just need a pair of Kasil jeans to become a *Rock* *Star*. Easy !

Regards from France.

----- K3 31.07.07 16:27

I like being taken seriously, and I like presenting myself with some modicum of self-respect. It’s hard to hold yourself up with high esteem when you’re trouncing around in cheapy, worn-out clothing- which is what I do when hanging out in the ID shop at school. However during those in-class crits I’d rather not be wearing the same clothes that reek of sawdust and resin. Being able to look the part of a designer or engineer is key. With that said, I’d like to bake my cake and eat it, too. My closet, and future career thank you! :]

----- Stephanie 31.07.07 15:51

Because being thousands of ways to make a pair of jeans, you declare on them that you are interested on making the people who wear them feel like flying with the wind, in a sublime mood that doesn´t have comparision.

----- Eduardo 31.07.07 15:51

You don’t know how much you need designer denim until you’ve tried it. No going back after that.

Designer denim puts meaning into the expression “fits like a glove”. The right pair feels like it was made for your body and makes “flaws” magically disappear.

Denim, by nature, isn’t a comfy material, but designer denim is a different species. Somehow the material is transformed into something you might want to sleep in.

----- ina 31.07.07 15:24

Amazing jeans are the heart and soul of any good relationship believe it or not. No one wants to run their hands down the back of someone’s crappy jeans. Quality denim saves relationships, I can only hope it’s not too late for me to buy a pair of these much less get one for free.

----- Nathan 31.07.07 14:06

Designer denim; you get what you pay for. Being a husky kid, it’s terribly embarrassing shopping for the perfect pair of jeans. What makes designer brand names worth the price is the clothing’s uncanny ability to flatter any shape or size. I’ve had one pair of jeans that did that and unfortunately now it’s frayed beyond use now. Plus, with the fact that I have about five cousins supplying me hand-me-downs every other week, I never got the chance to wear what I wanted, and what fits me right. I want jeans that will grow with me, age with me, and evolve with me. Ever notice how your best pair of jeans feel more comfortable the more you wear it? I want that again.

----- Francis 31.07.07 13:38

What makes designer denim well worth it for me?

A better question with a more concise answer would be what doesn’t make designer denim worth it (nothing much comes to mind). Having painstakingly discovered just how difficult it is to simply sew properly with denim, let alone craft something notable within a world where 7.5 out of 10 people are wearing jeans on any given day, I know what it takes to create a beautiful pair. The alarmingly sloppy display of denim has risen over the past decade along with the rise of the style’s popularity, resulting in a preference for what’s cheap, easily available, and reasonably alright looking. Unfourtunatly this has near killed the era of true craftsmanship and tailoring. If this well deserving industry does eventually faulter, we’re all going to be dressed in generic stone washed boot cut’s and the pleasure of quality will be lost.

Designer denim is worth it if only to keep it’s originality alive within the industry, although the side effects of style and sharp tailoring aren’t half bad either.

----- Morgan 31.07.07 13:18

ever since the 3rd grade when I chose Levi Strauss as my hero and presented this simple immigrant’s story to my fellow classmates, I have had a certain affinity for denim and its oh so many wonderful properties. Levi Strauss had rivets and a hammer strap and today’s designer jeans with their embellishments and special touches were all sewn from that simple fabric. Its fall in nyc and I need a new pair, I am also pregnant with my first child and very much intend to continue to wear great tight jeans (low waist preferred, please:)

----- Emily Lorraine 31.07.07 13:06

Obviously David Lim has the idea that designer wear is a more idealistic interpretation of mundane objects. David’s eye for creativity and detail not only shows in the samples of jeans, but also in the overall scheme of his website. Also, it seems Kasil is not just a company, but a story in which I hopefully play a small part, in wearing the offspring of David Lim’s craft. Even if I’m not picked, I have to say that I’d still share Kasil with several friends, especially those I know in corporate retail, i.e. Nordstroms, Limited Brands, etc.

----- Drew 31.07.07 13:04

not just denim….but designer denim…designer denim defines the deepest detail of my very soul. Designer denim describes day to day lives, from dusk til dawn. Delicate details displayed in each pair. Decades have dyed out with designer denim as a main staple. Dyes of deep, dirty, and dusty hues dance deliberately in my dreams as I hope for the day to get my hands on some kasil designer david denim.

----- sandy 31.07.07 12:31

Take it from a girl who’s lived in cheaply made bargain jeans her entire life. Like many other people, I can’t always afford designer denim - but that isn’t a bad thing. It isn’t a bad thing because when I do slip into beautifully designed, meticulously well-crafted denim, boy, can I tell. I will admit, the only time I’m ever wearing beautifully designed, meticulously well-crafted denim, I can be found in the dressing room of a store. Many a time I’ve brought a $150 pair of jeans into the fitting room with this thought in mind: “I bet these jeans aren’t any better than the $30 pair I’m wearing!” And almost every time, I’m wrong. Designer denim aren’t just a pair of jeans, they’re almost like art. Because designer denim do more than merely serving the “functional” purpose of jeans. They flatter, they stand out, and due to this, they boost self-confidence, which is most important.
It might seem practical to ask the designer-denim-fortunates (those lucky people with class-act jeans hanging in their closets) why they think their designer denim is worth every dollar. But perhaps it’s a better idea to hand a set of luxury jeans to the average joe and ask him what he thinks. When you’ve been wearing so-so jeans all your life and suddenly you put on a set of remarkably put together and beautiful jeans, the difference is striking. It’s where the appreciation truly lay.

Designer denim is worth it to me because I’ve lived in non-designer denim, and I know they can’t compare. They’re worth it to me, because I know what it’s like without them, and I appreciate them all the more for that.

----- Jessica 31.07.07 12:09

Up until this past week, I never thought I’d be one to buy a pair of designer jeans. They seemed like such a waste of money. But then my brother gave me a pair of designer jeans as a present, and my entire outlook changed.

Designer jeans seem more expensive at first, but they’re really a better deal. The whole world is full of cookie cutter mediocrity, and your clothing purchases shouldn’t push things further that way. Spending a bit more for a quality jean means you won’t have twenty pairs of jeans. Instead it means you have a few, quality pairs that you care about. A few pairs that made it possible for people to live quality lives, the kind we all lived before the machine started turning us all into robots.

So now I buy designer jeans because they help keep the world human. They remind me what we’re up against, and how much better things are when real people who care are involved.

I need these pants for a motorcycle trip across the United States in two months. Quality is most important in my jeans, and designer jeans like Kasil are the only ones I can count on for a trip like that. Screw the cookie cutters.

----- Kirk 31.07.07 11:58

nothin beats puttin on a pair of jeans that say what ur feelin. designer jeans are like a compliment to ur mood. aside from that, as a girl, u cant pick up a size 3 jean off the rack and expect it to fit ur 5’2” stature the same way it fits ur 5’8” gf. needless to say, designer jeans fit u the way u want and these Kasils seem to do a damn good job of meetin all of the above.

----- Maria 31.07.07 11:57

Why designer denim?
Because everyone wants to look cool. I especially want to know what its like to look cool and Kasil Jeans could make that happen…I mean seriously, look at those glorious photographs-everyone looks so cool!

----- che 31.07.07 11:52

I want my ass to look bangin’!

----- april 31.07.07 11:48

Designer jeans have the best material and provide the best fit possible. I spend hours and days at the mall trying to find the best possible style for my body. Designer jeans take more time to make sure that the jeans will fit right.

Plus I just love jeans with a little flair to them. Not just the plain jeans, something with a little art mixed it.

Jeans are just an essential part to my wardrobe, and if you pick me for this awesome prize…I’ll be wearing them constantly. So, just consider me 1 big walking advertisement. I’d love to buy a pair, but the funds are just lacking. Help a jean lover out. Thanks!!!

----- Heather 31.07.07 11:32

If only to let a discount shopper to be glamorous for once.

----- Cameron 31.07.07 11:18

I have two pairs of jeans in current rotation; a pair of Paige Premium Brand Denim and my favorite True Religions. For me, this is slim pickings - as we all know that denim has moved out of casual isolation and into all aspects of our life. Thus bringing us designer denim - because you simply can’t wear your 501’s to a 5 star restaurant.

However, I’ve found that I’m now addicted to designer denim. The old denim feels restricting, with it’s irregular cuts, weird washes and plain-jane pockets. When I pull on my cheapo pair from Old Navy, I find myself asking - what happened to my fabulous ass?!? Cut, wash, texture, pocket design, pocket shape, pocket placement - all make a world of a difference in your favorite designer jeans.

With that said, I’m saving to buy a house and have no “designer jeans allowance” in my budget. Really, who can live off of two pairs of jeans?! Please don’t make me pull on those Old Navys again…

----- Kate 31.07.07 11:09

great post…always worth investing in a good pair or two of premium denim. go with a straight leg or boot with no embellishment or over grinding for longetivity and timelessness


----- plopculture.blogspot.com 31.07.07 11:00

I am an engineer developing methods to produce living knee replacements that will allow people to walk again. Although the idea fascinates me, I work long hours in a windowless lab… For a break I search Notcom for other people’s inspirations and bring them into my circle - I let my friends know about cool tea strainers, stylish furniture, creepy and lovely artwork, and everything else that fascinates and delights me, but that I cannot afford It is about time though, that I got myself a pair of hot jeans for my hot body and broke the engineer stereotype!

----- Eric 31.07.07 10:59

because they feel better than K-Mart denim.

----- Tyler 31.07.07 10:58

oh my. you see, what i fancy about designer jeans is confusing and quite possibly embarassing. its rather impossible for a person of my build (I HAVE NO BUTT WOE IS ME) to find gorgeous denim that fits. and when i manage to locate it, its far beyond my meager college student income. help me out notcot. can a boy with no butt get some love?
*give peace a chance*

----- Nate 31.07.07 10:20

A good pair of jeans is one of those simple luxuries. Like a silk blouse or a pair of nice leather shoes, a nice pair of jeans can make a plain outfit just a bit more exciting.

However, for a full time, starving design student such as myself, designer jeans are much coveted and very very rarely obtianed.

Being born as a very visual person makes it just plain painful to settle for a simple pair of Levi’s and other drab department store brands but I have no choice. To eat or to wear designer jeans? Hmmm, one must be practical but that doesn’t mean one can’t dream of getting rid of a few pair of Levi’s to make room for a *beautiful* new pair of Kasil Jeans.

----- KRISTEN 31.07.07 10:16

1. Comfort. 2. Durability. 3. Look. This, in short, is my list of things I look for when I purchase denim. In my opinion nothing is worth wearing if it’s not comfortable. Now, I may be able to say that because men’s fashion usually doesn’t involve high heels that torture feet, but it bodes well with my personality as well. Durability is number two; here is where some of the lesser brands of denim get weeded out. You can buy comfortable denim for cheap, but it usually doesn’t last long without shredding into something faintly reminiscent of an 80’s rock band (minus the makeup and heroin). Great denim ages like a Harley, gaining worth with time. It fades in the right places and frays in the unexpected ones. The third criterion is look. Despite being the third consideration look often supersedes the other two. I refuse to buy denim that does not look good on me. The complete truth is that it’s impossible to find the right fit when shopping at any big box superstore. From here you can wax poetically about denim becoming a friend and staying with you through the good times and the bad, but these three measures are why I like designer denim. The denim I buy has to feel good, look good and wear well.

----- Steve Pinto 31.07.07 10:01

Six Words: All I own is Old Navy.

----- Joe 31.07.07 09:59

Earlier poster touched on it.. confidence. What makes designer jeans really worth it is how they make you feel when you *aren’t* wearing them… eg.. they are on the floor next to the bed of the really cute girl/guy you recently met.

Any guy who tells you otherwise is full of it.

----- Marc 31.07.07 09:58

I should win because my favorite song is “Baby got Back.” I’ll sing it if you’d like… maybe even dance. If that doesn’t sway you, will begging work?

----- Beth 31.07.07 09:42

Designer jeans are just the best. Period. Done.

You can wear anything with a good pair of nice fitting designer jeans and look good.

----- Shawn 31.07.07 09:38

Designer denim is usually really comfortable and of a higher quality than regular denim. With that said, it also turns a regular outfit into something really fashionable as well as good looking. Designer denim can even improve someone’s self esteem, knowing that other people are envious of them. I’d need the latest Kasil jeans to be able to stand out in establishments of a higher pedigree, and perhaps impress some ladies with it.

----- Alex Roslyakov 31.07.07 09:34

Have you seen my arse in these gap jeans i have. TERRRIBLE doesn’t even come close. Seriously, i need to make this butt shine, and well, i think these jeans might just do that for me. If they can’t, i don’t think anything can. That’s the power of the Kasil Jeans.

----- Simon 31.07.07 08:48

Designer denim is about freedom of expression - the freedom to be who you are. Details are an essential part of what makes us unique, and the denim that I choose to wear needs to reflect my strong sense of individualism. I’d need a pair of Kasil to show the world that despite our common threads, there are exacting highlights that make each of us stand out in the crowd.

----- Rich 31.07.07 08:16

Great jeans pretty much turn me into a superhero. by day i am a mild mannered underpaid graphic designer, but by night i am the Blue Jean Pant Leg Man (BJPLM for short). People dont realize it, but i fly around with my cape made of thrashed vintage 501’s ridding the world of all 1980’s-90’s cargo pants. Laugh if you will but there are still many people wearing these horrible pants. Without me there would possibly be 20 to 30 people still wearing these crimes against fashion humanity. Sadly my power to track down these monsters comes directly from top notch denim, without it i am powerless. So obviously, if you would like to continue to see a sharp decline in the cargo pant epidemic, it would be wise to keep the lower half of my body draped in jeans, specifically Kasil…the ones you are giving away here…So in closing, if you see me flying down some dark ally feel free to say hi…and if youre wearing cargo pants…watch your back because i’m coming for you!

----- Jonathan 31.07.07 08:15

It’s the fit and washes. Being a really skinny guy, while in theory shopping at places like the Gap and Banana Republic, and even stores like Guess and FCUK, should be well enough, they aren’t. The times when I used to step into a pair of “regular” jeans, they would sag down, bunch up in places and overall make me look fat below the waste. And all the washes, from store to store, were exactly the same.

When I discovered the likes Antik Denim, Salt Works, Joe’s, etc.; I just couldn’t bear the thought of ever going back. A lot of my friends, and even my family, scorn me for spending “so much money” on “just a pair of jeans,” but I understand the hard work that goes into a pair of luxury jeans. From the choice of high quality denim, to the cut, to the subtle garnishments—I tell them, “well that’s just me.”

That said, being able to rock a pair of the dark rinse Morris jeans would be a great pick-me-upper from the hellish summer I’ve been having. Nothing gets me higher than money well spent, other than getting that feeling without having to actually spend that money.

----- Omar 31.07.07 07:43

Designer denim was something I swore up and down I would never buy, but after some six (!) years of searching for a quality pair of jeans, I finally bit the bullet and discovered why designer denim is worth the price tag.

Labels that I have purchased from have done away with multiple inseam sizes, and this has allowed me to find jeans that actually fit me (odd as that sounds, it has fixed the problem of finding myself annoyingly caught between a 32” and 34” inseam). Simple things like that make high quality denim worth the price.

I will never buy another pair of cheap jeans again.

----- peter 31.07.07 07:23

Why do I NEED (not want) a pair of Kasil designer denim jeans? I had two pairs of jeans. One was mysteriously destroyed after stumbling home from a night of drinking and dancing about five months ago, right before I blew all my money on a fabulous trip to Europe. The pair I have now has weathered the cold and the dirt of Stonehenge on the solstice, hours of wear and tear from wandering lost in the maze-like streets of Amsterdam for days, and the smoke of fireworks in Barcelona from the Festival of Saint Joan. Maybe this gives my jeans character, but they’re looking pretty battered. Please save me from having to go naked.

----- T 31.07.07 07:19

The right pair of designer jeans can pull your entire outfit together. Whether it’s just a tshirt and a solid belt, blazer and a collared shirt, or just about anything else…having the right jeans can set you apart. With a pair of jeans like Kasil, subtle in style but still draw the eyes of denim connoisseurs, it’d be hard not to be wearing the right outfit at any time.

----- Norm 31.07.07 07:18

designer denim just has some of that pizzazz others lack.

----- andrew 31.07.07 06:30

Let’s be honest, ladies.

It’s all about the butt.

Though I’m a 20-something of Jewish-Italian heritage, I suffer from an uncharacteristic butt of non-designer proportion. I don’t mean to say I’m part of the legions of women dissatisfied with my body enough to diet, obsess, and whittle, but have simply come to accept a simple fact: my butt doesn’t look good in jeans.

Before you write me of as a Negative-Nancy, I am- despite my friend’s assertions that I was “born in khaki-” very open to the possibility of jeans. I live in New York, and am constantly, constantly assailed by myriad perfect pairs of designer jeans briskly shoving past me.

I burn with jealousy.
I ache with desire.
I am too chicken to branch from my banana-republic wardrobe.

I work as an editor, which denotes- of course- a certain anal-retentiveness which I find conducive to owning, appreciating, loving, cherishing a pair of designer jeans. I don’t own a pair of designer jeans. I don’t even own a pair of jeans. Every fiber of my being is imbued with celestial delight at the prospect of owning real designer jeans, endorsed by one of my bookmark-bar’ed websites. And O! The idea the my butt, my butt could look good, nay, great in a pair of jeans; it’s almost too much to bear.

Help me branch out, NotEmpire.

Make a convert of me, let me lie on your fainting couch of wisdom as you calmly whisper from over your wire-rimmed glasses and hastily scrawled notes:

“You can wear designer jeans.”

----- Cassandra 31.07.07 06:28

Why designer jeans?

More specifically Kasil Jeans.Its not about the look,the design,its the TEXTURE.If you’ve never slept on Leron sheets,then Kasil Jeans are as close as you’ll get.Need I say more?

----- Mo 31.07.07 05:57

Many clothes — especially jeans — are something you have to wear. (Feh, “public indecency”.) Designer jeans are something you really really want to wear. The quality, the looks, the fit — you need all this to enjoy jeans. That’s something I don’t get to enjoy too often.

I’d really love to get into those pants. My legs are my Achiles’ heel — finding decent jeans is really really hard when the average guy is almost 20 cm (7 inches) shorter than you! I live in a constant trouser crisis and Kasil’s jeans would be like a combined relief effort by the Red Cross, Greenpeace and Amnesty.

----- Antti 31.07.07 05:19

Designer demin gives you the edge…in an age of mass production (by Indonesian kids) I need a product that not everyone will be wearing. Something to set me apart that makes me look good and feels great. The fit and spec stand out without being overbranded and will become a treasured favourite. Designer demin is the only way to go!

----- Raztus 31.07.07 04:02

I’m quite a slender man and trying to find a non designer jeans that comfortably fits me is a nightmare, so I usually end up buying some sort of designer label.

I don’t mind this though because the quality and attention to detail makes it worth every penny.

As to why I need a pair of Kasil Jeans… I’ve been in London for about 2 months now and I’ve had an endless battle trying to find some decent jeans.

----- Sergei 31.07.07 01:51

What makes designer denim worth it? Slipping designer denim is like Clark Kent heading into a phone booth and putting on his cape. Designer denim is worth is it because it give you the confidence to turn into superman.

----- Ross 31.07.07 01:50

i must say that ive recently become a huge fan of notcot. not only do you cover everything any anything design related… but you are putting somethings within the context of design that i might not have considered before. in anycase, kasil denim? i wasnt familiar with their line before, quite admittedly, im a neophyte to designer denim. but recently ive come to really enjoy the attention to detail and quality of lines like g-star, samurai, false, and nudie. i’d love to try out a pair, the pictures of the buttons and washes look real beautiful. unfortunately im over my limit for denim this year. if you’d like to help a dj stay current, it’d be much appreciated!

----- dj brigidope 31.07.07 00:47

clearly what makes designer jeans better is because the quality is just so much better and the attention to details is exquisite as someone who is very passionate about design it is the little details that make all the difference in the world, we are always told to not make a deal about little things as children.. and yet as designers it really is the little things that are the difference between true quality and just cheap imitations. As for why I need the jeans it is because these jeans are quality and I appreciate quality I make a habit of spending a bit more money if it means I get a good bit more for it (from the design obsessed side of things)

----- Scott I 31.07.07 00:30

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many might you sum up a great pair of jeans? I don’t think there ARE enough words.

Great jeans can turn a bad day into a good one, or turn an average outfit into something special.
For me, it’s not just the wash, the cut, or the label on the back. It’s the colour of the stiching, pocket details, a touch of eyecatching embroidery, and even things that no-one else (or not many people ;) )will see - an interesting fabric on the inside waistband, for example.
These great surprises and little treats aren’t the only thing which makes a pair of jeans worth the hard-earned cash of course - the obvious things like quality denim, a flattering cut or a style which reflects your personality, combined with the the essential thing; a sense of humour and fun, so you know you’ll have a great time (while wearing the jeans of course)!

----- Liz Griffiths 31.07.07 00:20

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