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Benjamin Hubert- 08.01.07

Just noticed these new polystrene bird houses over at Design*Sponge this morning, and when i went to see more of Benjamin Hubert’s work, just got giddy. These are some of his concept pieces made out of polystrene: HUG plant pots/ pot warmers that are both insulatory and encouraging as they “look after plants” with a hug shaped form (although to me they do look a wee bit pouty), and the Polynests, which are insulating bird houses with a twig for a perch! Also browsing through his older works, love the Crtl+Z eraser and the upside down umbrella fruitbowls (Yum Brella Bowls) which are below.






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Just thought i’d let you know the HUG pots have won the EPS design competition and will be prototyped with a view to manufacture for 100% futures at 100% design this year. Check them out at the show!

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