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IKEA 2008- 08.13.07

newikeacatalog.jpgI just lost a huge chunk of my day doing the annual browse through the new IKEA catalog - come on, everyone does it - designers especially… can you help it? Even if you aren’t into IKEA, its just one of those necessary rituals to know what they are up to. And since this year i saw the digital before physical, instead of dog earring pages i screen shotted away and decided to share some things that stood out to me. Some are nostalgic, some are just fun. That above is the new extended Klippan that everyone and their mother has/had - now double in length! See more below.

The Klippan couch is classic - every college student i know had one (including myself back in the SD days, and then there’s even another one in the current SF apt, and my sister even had one at Yale, and i even was crazy enough to buy a cover for mine in Singapore one time, and almost bought another one for the apt in Italy) - they were cheap, simple, fit in the back of my car (so easy for moving)… but they were TERRIBLE for anyone over 5’ to sleep on… SO… i had to point out that they now have a fourseater, and here you can see how it looks relative to the normal one… and ottomans too!

Just as classic and ubiquitous as the Klippan… the IKEA pick a table top and pick some legs, and you have a unique TABLE! By unique, i mean, a really nice combination that everyone else probably got too, as you will see if you wander your apt building or dorm. But these two new sets of legs caught my eye… a fun nod to the curvier older styles that have been popping up lately. I’d love to get that table combination coated in a nice black lacquer. Also the curved wood legs were interesting as well.

This bowl had a slight hint of tord boontje-ness and grabbed my eye, it also reminded me of the melted toy soldiers fruit bowls… definitely one that needs to be seen in person before making a judgment on whether this is a fun bowl. Nice image on the black and white page though.

These little ghosty nightlights made me giggle - especially the part where it says that you turn them on and off by pressing the ghosts head! Made of plastic/silicon.

On new super cheap shelves - these powder coated steel Lerberg shelves are ridiculously cheap… and could be nice?

Anyhow, now you’ve been dragged along to take a peek into how i read/browse the IKEA catalog (which is quite similar to how i read magazines as well)… and i’ve often wondered whether i should do something like this scanning in random tidbits of magazines that catch my eye for those of you who are interested to see what else i’m finding inspiring and amusing beyond what is on the internet or trapped in my camera.

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I work at IKEA and I have so much trouble keeping myself from spending my entire paycheck on new things. and yes, the big klippan is definitely exciting.

----- Amanda 15.09.07 15:53

I just discovered notcot and I love your taste!
I have to read the “about us” now to see who you are.

----- Judy 26.08.07 22:46

No IKEA in Brazil. WHY??


My apartment in Italy was full of IKEA goodness. And yes, I had a Klippan couch. Black. I love the new patterned covers tho… *sobs*

----- Franka 21.08.07 07:18

i just stumbled across this site again and what a great post/idea!

----- Darren 19.08.07 13:22

No, that was a very SAD ghost lamp. These are clearly happy and/or haunting. Not sad. Duh.

----- Kristi K. 15.08.07 21:43

A rip-off of the Marcel Dzama ghost lamp!

----- Christopher Sauvé 14.08.07 08:28

sounds like a good idea

----- erc 14.08.07 07:06

Is there a way I can order the catalog? I hate looking through it on my computer and would love to be able to cut inspiring pictures out!

THanks, as always.

----- Barry 13.08.07 18:00

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