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Lego Intermission- 08.09.07

This is a random LEGO intermission ~ it’s been a quiet design week… and it the majority of emails i send result in vacation auto-responders… so its just that quiet leisurely time of year! So here are some random lego pics from a today’s stop at the Lego store. So here’s my $1.50 duplo dragon… and below are the crazy angler and divers (complete with glow in the dark fangs, scuba masks & flippers, and spear guns!)… and the Star War’s Legos magnets and tetris magnets… (the secret of how they stick is a bit disappointing sadly - they just jammed magnets up their legs… and with any hair/helmets/backpacks, they have to lean off the fridge/white board a bit)… anyhow - go take a break! and play with some toys! I forgot how amusing/calming it can be to sit and build some legos… and then take it all apart and make something completely random with it.

Check out the full gallery.


Here are the star wars magnets ….. and some tetris magnets

Click the image to see full res… its kind of fun.

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That dragon is great, but I couldn’t find him at the lego store. Where is he hiding? I know a 4 yr old who REALLY wants a lego dragon, but a whole kit just for a dragon is a bit extreme.

----- Gomisan 12.08.07 18:27

i love the little Duplo dragon!

----- Ani 10.08.07 22:15

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