*notcot in design , 15:41

Live Surface- 08.02.07

Product/Advertising mocks will never be the same again. Live Surface is incredible. Beyond its incredibly clean, well designed website, and the breathtaking demo video on how their files work… They have some of the most beautiful renders of everything from CD cases and hardcover books to coffee bags and spray bottles (even with transparency where appropriate). Even for outdoor advertising, there are more scenarios than you can imagine to show that client just what it will really look like. And they’ve made their files ready to drag and drop your graphics into using vanishing point in photoshop… go try their demo (the box i used up there, that literally took me seconds to drag and drop the logos and images that were on my desktop onto). I’ve seriously been floored by Live Surface since i found it on Swiss Miss this morning. And in all honesty, i can’t imagine a designer that can afford NOT to spend 30$ on one of these files when they need to throw something together quickly.

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