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Remind Me Chair- 08.28.07

chairbeer.jpgOn fun mysterious emails i get with great design pics, this one just showed up. I grew up being shown images of how you shouldn’t throw away these plastic rings that hold 6 packs of cans together without cutting them up because dolphins and seagulls would die in them, etc… Well it looks like Adam Johnston has found a great use for them! (Although it doesn’t look like you should sit on this one naked, or in short shorts, b/c this would leave quite an impression)

Kate Van Zele “Visited a design student friend of mine this weekend at the University of Cincinnati and was introduced to his newly designed chair. I’m convinced the underlying reason was for the beer, he holds tight to the environmental and sustainability story. Made of 6 pack rings that decompose after 3 months in direct sunlight, and the frame can be deconstructed to apply another layer of rings when needed. Seems like a good use of reinventing a common object with a new application.”

UPDATE: check out the Hammock!



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how do u make it i want to know now it looks soooo cool

----- lindsey 22.10.11 10:57

this is awsome. I also have a grand plans for making a haming out of these things. if anyone has any info please email me. its almost impossible to find info on this stuff

----- jake 25.11.08 13:17

I’m happy to see that i’m not the only 1 to come up with cool shit to do with 6 pack beer rings. i did the hammock to. do u have other things u can do whit beer rings? send to kmenard24@hotmail.com

----- Kevo 31.07.08 21:22

Love the chair and hammock! How was the artist able to connect the rings so smoothly? I just completed a tote bag and used hemp to connect the rings. Needless to say, it’s no where near as aesthetically pleasing as the chiar and hammock.

----- Monica 21.02.08 15:56

this is so awesome! please post instructions on how to make these!

----- Anonymous 01.09.07 15:30

Let’s hear it for DAAP!

----- Eleanor Sandford 31.08.07 12:49

This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a LONG time. I absolutely love it.

----- Amanda 31.08.07 11:54

This is a great idea for DYI furniture! But how did the designer link all the rings?

----- Tony 30.08.07 16:56

How did you make this!?

----- Kelly 30.08.07 16:40

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