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Skate Life- 08.02.07

skatelifemain.jpgJust checked out Gallery 1988 SF’s latest show Skate Life: Skateboard Inspired Sculptures and Paintings by J. Shea and Freddi C and it is unlike any show i’ve seen. Definitely worth stopping by if you’re around (opening is on tonight until 10!).

It also certainly made me homesick for LA ~ with scenes from Venice and Culver City… these skeletal/angelic skaters armed with some seriously adorable pipes, bongs, skateboards (check out the close ups in the gallery… just keep clicking through till they are HUGE - and look at the details… like the skateboard wheels) These murals are a brilliant blend of the vector/stencil like imagery painted on wood… mixed with penciled in song lyrics… and a refreshing contrast to the many super sleek resin/plastic toys and figurines trend. And beyond the great colors, themes, and artwork… the one thing that you absolutely need to see this in person for is the SHADOWS. With such a mixed media piece, you really get sucked into these mini mural/dioramas, and with the lighting its really fun seeing the shadows of these beings floating and jumping across the scenes. For the lazy, a few more of my favorite pics below for an overview, but really, take a look at the images i put in the gallery… at full res for the full effect.

My favorite picture out of the bunch:

Love the hoodie and bong made from screws:


Love the way they literally FLY through the paintings:

Here is a quick mini overview of the 5 murals: (but seriously, just go look in the gallery already!)

And an overview of the space: (i was there at 7 as it opened… i’m sure it’s packed by now!)

Go see the rest in the gallery at high res!


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