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Acca Kappa- 09.27.07

accakappa1.jpgAcca Kappa ~ an “Italian legend of luxury” ~ upon walking into the store at Century City i was told that this ancient brand was used on the royals. But what really drew me in was all the beautiful use of various woods (i’m a sucker for wood bristle combs… since my ancient Aveda paddle brushes as a kid, to the various Koh-i-noor ones i’ve recently used)… and their men’s line! Made me wish i was a guy so i had a good excuse to buy the “1869 Series Shave Bowl & Soap: Hand made bowl with East African Wenge Wood contains vegetable-based Almond shave foam” from their men’s 1869 line. I don’t think you fully understand how beautiful that bowl is! And the curvature of their nail brushes were amazing too (also the soap dish you can see below). They have hair brushes in both the darker woods as well as the lighter hand finished beechwood… and new to the store was the extremely eco friendly Bioceta line of 100% biodegradable line of hair brushes, nail brushes, body brushes, etc… they are made from a unique cellulose that is extracted from cotton. Anyhow, i was quite taken by the line, and i think the 1869 men’s line is definitely on my shopping list for the guys this year… as usual lots of pics from their site as well as some of the actual store (the store girl was nice enough to let me take a few!).













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I love acca kappa products.l hope to be at your store soon.

----- alice benin 15.02.09 14:42

I used to work at the Acca Kappa store located inside the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, and in spite the lack of professionalism and common sense of those in charge, I loved working there, Acca Kappa it’s unique and tasteful. I remember getting my dad the Wenge Shaving set while still there. Needless to say am a big fan of the Calycanthus and White Moss line, I always get it online, the brushes are awesome, they’re timeless, as well as the brand.
Acca Kappa is both luxury and taste at their best.

----- Ozz N Arnold 01.11.07 11:12

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