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Annie Vought- 09.25.07

0924vought1.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here’s another article from Anna Corpron of Sub-Studio!

I came across Annie Vought’s Papercuts series on Stumble Upon and can hardly believe that her work is real. She painstakingly cuts the script text out of letters and notes. The result is an incredible tapestry of letters, lines, and shadows created by pinning the work up for display. Obsessive, tedious, and gorgeous.

This is an aside, but I thought it was interesting: Annie is Co-Director at the Budget Gallery which has a provocative set of rules for exhibitions:

1. We use underutilized public spaces for our exhibitions.
2. If work doesn’t sell at the opening, it stays, in public, unguarded, for at least 1 week.
3. After the opening the unguarded work is sold on the honor system.
4. All art work in our shows will be sold, stolen*, or vandalized** and we can not pre-determine the outcome.
5. Our commission is arbitrary, optional, and determined by the artist.

* Having a work stolen is the highest honor of the Budget Gallery because it means someone wanted the work so badly they were willing to abandon personal and societal mores to acquire your piece of art. In our eyes, this may be considered a more valuable compliment to you than a simple monetary transaction.

** We suggest you consider vandalism a form a collaboration.

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I’m an undergradute student at Mills College in Oakland, CA and Annie is in the MFA program here. If anyone is interested in seeing her work in person (or any of the other MFA students), their exhibition at the Mills Museum is open May 3 - May 31st with an Opening Reception May 2 7pm - 9pm.
Website for more info: http://www.mills.edu/campus_life/art_museum/upcoming.php

----- Meryl Phillips 15.04.09 13:51

Love it. It’s the shadows that give it an extra kick of specialness.

----- nick 26.09.07 10:01

Wow, just - wow! I’d love to see her work in person, but I see those are all from 2006. Such a cool visual the way the words come out from the wall, almost like they’re reaching out to get into your brain. Great find!

----- The Slapster 25.09.07 18:15

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