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Balmuda’s X-Base- 09.01.07

balmuda1.jpgThis heatwave in California needs to stop. It’s seriously hot out ~ although gorgeous beach weather for sure… but one thing that is unnecessary is having my macbook pro function as a space heater in this weather while i work. Not sure about you, but nearly everyone i know and work with has a 15” macbook pro ~ and it is HOT, literally will burn your precious lap after an hour or so of serious working… which is where this overdue product review comes in.

So, i’ve had this Balmuda X-Base the last few weeks and we’ve all hovered around this gorgeous slab of aluminum with a giant heatsink, and really just weren’t sure what to say about it exactly. But tonight i just realized, it is PERFECT for moments like this. It is far too hot to let my laptop overheat my room right now, and that heatsink works its magic the moment you set the laptop down on it. “X-Base is composed of parts machined from blocks of aluminum and stainless steel (except for the heat sink) bolted together.” See more pictures and i’ll continue my review below.


So as you can see, the key here is in the simplicity and quality of the materials and design - considering it makes no noise, has no moving parts, and doesn’t need to be plugged in! (Afterall, it’s a giant heatsink) Great workmanship, it’s a design that would look great with any techy/engineering/metallic looking desks/decor. It certainly has a very transformers/robotic feel to it. It is ideal for those who work sitting at a desk, because (and believe me i tried) without doing some DIY mods to this pieces, it’s not good for laps and soft surfaces/couches ~ you either end up with an unstable surface (where your laptop might slide a little and scratch! Seriously, be careful about this.) or your thighs gets heatsink impressions. If adapted to also allow for it to have the same heatsink/airflow setup, but perhaps mounted on a cushion so you could use it on your lap or couch, i think the market for this would open up greatly.

Currently, with a $345-$375 price tag, you’d certainly have to factor it into your desktop decor and computer lifespan preservation budget… but if you need some serious cooling with no added noise, this works great.

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ARE THEY SMOKING? THAT PRICE? These freaking idiots better lower the price and they would make more money. For each one that sells they make a huge profit. But how many will sell? 5? If they lower price to where its reasonable they will make less profit but these will sell like hot cakes. In the end it will make them more money. They are the apple (without a brain) of the laptop stand world. Their designs are unmatched(like apple) but unlike apple, these are too pricey and their steve jobs is a dumb ass for giving it that price tag.

----- MnM 01.04.08 23:16

Well, seeing as each part is hand made I think a lot of the cost is in labour, I figure the markup is at most 50-60 dollars, which is not much for a niche item. I doubt the makers are getting filthy rich.
Having said that the price is a bit stiff, but if you have the money to spend it sure is sexy. I would love to have one.
They would be able to bring the price down if they automated their assembly or outsourced, but then they would just be another cheap laptop stand.

----- Dwayne 15.02.08 17:28

Fucking insane! But again it is design most of it, that is the reason for the psyhco price!

Steal one instead!! Hahaha!

----- Burglar! 12.01.08 13:42

Hahahahaha… these guys are totally out of their minds. All of their prices are faaar above the actual ones for these type of products. And the exaggerated features of those didnt do the work of convicing me to spend so much cash for so normal product =)))

----- bile 15.11.07 07:03

there must be a DIY solution to this trendy device…

----- mike m 08.09.07 08:10

Just for reference, there’s no way for this thing to reduce the amount of heat your computer throws into the room — that would violate some fancy Laws of Thermodynamics, and it’s all downhill from there. What it should do is send the heat another direction, so at least you won’t feel as much heat coming through the keyboard. But the room won’t get any cooler.

----- Andrew Duthie 04.09.07 17:14

hummm seems nice yo have it…my mac very HOT…..but when i look the price….hahahah i can’t buy it…hiks

----- auuu 04.09.07 03:34

I need one. With this heat in my office, a giant heat sink that slick is a perfect match for my office. Nice balance of form and function!

----- john 03.09.07 04:12

that price is an absolute joke. As if any idiot would spend that much when you can buy apple products

----- jessica 02.09.07 14:34

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