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In Paris- 09.06.07

Remember i mentioned Chanel was bringing bloggers to Paris? Well i’m there now (hence the lack of posting) and as you will see if you peek at my quick random snapshots, i’m actually getting some of that much needed relaxing in the big cushy bed right now - although i should be sleeping, not acting like the internet junkie i am paying for my few hours of hotel connection to check the 100+ emails today, check in on the sites (the editors and submitters are too good at what they do, thrilled to see so many great posts up!) and upload a few pics… Real posts coming sometime after Saturday night when i’m back in LA probably…

Also, i love the fact that Chanel sneaks in after you check in and leaves you surprises on your bed ~

For the full collection of my posts from the Chanel Paris trip:
How to seal the Chanel perfume bottles
Chanel bottles shaped like Place Vendome (proof via Google Maps)
The Chanel ID Tags, stationery, headshots and more
Coco Chanel’s Apartment and her shortcut through the Ritz

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excuse me,
is that monkey paste is yours?
because i also saw once in Sevilla Spain.

----- Jung Shan 17.09.07 01:21

Corso Como is the best

----- Margherita 07.09.07 05:53

oh welcome. i live here in Paris. :)

so what is there for bloggers? anything to attend?

----- Elit Alice 07.09.07 00:27

I admit i did run over to Colette as soon as i got here ~ and was quite disappointed in person (perhaps the YEARS of hype were too much) ~ but i was kind of hoping it would blow my mind experience wise much like 10 Corso Como and Fred Segal are my home away from homes.

----- jean 06.09.07 23:32

Anything to get the bloggers approval, right? Enjoy Paris and go to Colette for me!!!

----- Josh Spear 06.09.07 21:34

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