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Oooold Whisky- 09.26.07

wrinklewhiskey.jpgAlso part of the OPOS.it 2007 exhibition tackling the concept of “old” ~ this is Oooh! Design’s Ooold Whisky Wrinkle Bottle. Also, you have to visit their website to hear their Ooooooh! sound effect as the page loads. Made me smile. But, back to the bottle. We all know that when it comes to alcohol and waters, the packaging really is 90% of things. (Yes yes, taste matters too, but once you’ve found your selection of great tastes, what makes you pick the bottle off the shelf? Exactly.) This bottle design manages to add so much character to the whisky itself through its “aged” wrinkles. Can’t you envision a full line of these with various degrees of wrinkling depending on age? Or that botox’d LA bottle that confuses you a bit? (Tastes like a 40 year old, bottle looks like 18?).

“Wrinkle Bottle is a packaging project that dramatically highlight an intrinsic peculiarity of high quality spirits: the aging. The realistic reproduction of human wrinkles engraved on the bottle, ironically puts up the long years that make precious a spirit. It’s at the same time object decoration and information about the product. It’s a way to emphasize the quality of the spirit and a fine object with strong decorative valence, ideal for high level products.”


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Thanks sooo much for the ad!!!

----- diego 24.11.07 09:23

Bottle looks great!
Is it possible to import to EU?!

----- Edgar 27.09.07 23:28

Yeah, but is the whisky any good?

----- paranoidmod 26.09.07 14:51

What a great concept, the bottle is beautiful! I was looking at a bottle earlier today that was ribbed, but from the inside so the outside was completely smooth. Do you mind if I post this up on TheDieline?

----- TheDieline 26.09.07 14:23

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