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Sealing Chanel- 09.07.07

chanelsealmain.jpgI have had a Chanel day. Literally. But before i get into how in one day i was inundated with all things Chanel, and have a new found respect and fascination for the woman, the brand, the perfumerie (with stories from Chanel perfume creator Jacques Polge himself), the stunning timelessness of the jewelry, the sneak preview of the Keira Knightley film (as introduced by THE artistic director, Jacques Helleu), following Coco Chanel’s secret route from the Ritz to the original store, untouched apartment of inspiration, workshop, haute couture dressing rooms, and the incredible staircase… i wanted to show you the incredibly detailed process behind the sealing of the Chanel bottles… and the best part? I actually got to try it for myself ~ and it’s not easy, but if all else fails i suppose i can attempt to join their team of 100, who seal the bottles day after day by hand. (Also, how great is this mini seal tool? I think we need a NOTCOT one!) Loads of images below.

p.s. Before you think Chanel bought me off ~ think of this whole trip as more of the field trip of a lifetime. An interesting move on their part, they brought a group of international bloggers to Paris, and immersed us in the world of Chanel excitedly sharing with us the stories of their past, a peek into how things work behind the scenes, as well as a glance at what they are moving towards and what their brand philosophies are. Honestly, it kind of felt like design school again ~ you remember those studio visits with your design idols? Where they are as excited to be telling you about their work as you are to be there?

- take the crazy synthetic membrane, and stretch it tightly wrapping it around the neck
- take the string and tie a knot… then tie another knot (but don’t pull it all the way - so you can lay it flat to crate a T)… then loop around twice and tie a double knot…
- cut the string as close to the knot as possible
- take a knife to the membrane just below the string
- peel off the remaining membrane…
- hand to PART 2

Close up of the awesome seal. So cute. So tiny.

- Grasp the two tools in one hand… wax held like pencil… stamp like you might stab someone (and make sure the logo is aligned correctly!!!)
- heat the wax
- drip the wax on the knot - with that softserve ice cream kind of swirl.
- quick! stamp the seal on
- repeat with more wax if not quite perfect…
- put it in the box.

All the empty boxes waiting to be filled.

The demo room.

The exterior of the perfumerie in Neuilly.

Ok, looking back on it now ~ i’m glad i took the care to slowly break off that seal, and pick that wrapping off (i must admit that the membrane thing confused me even when i was opening it the first time as posted about here!)

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Thanks for this post- amazing!

----- Amanda 28.01.09 10:44

I really love it!! Your photo is fab. :)
So I get some your pics about Chanel,
and I want to posted them in my blog.(Of course,it mentions yours.)
If you don`t like it, you can connect me by e-mail.
(or blog, blog.naver.com/audrey2402)_ I`m Korean.
Thanks for your understanding.

----- CASEY LEE 28.12.08 06:33

I wear Coco Chanel Eau de Toilette which I absolutely love and cannot find an outlet in the UK or Australia who stock the ‘splash on’ 75ml 2.5 FL.OZ only the Atomiser type of container which I do not like.Can you help please and if I have to send to Paris for this I will. With thanks.

----- Juneanne Parfitt-Miller 30.06.08 23:06

That was a very elucidating and fun post and I took the liberty of linking it to my site, which is fragrance-related. Hope you approve!
Thank you :-)

----- perfumeshrine 14.05.08 04:30

Hi I thoroughly enjoyed you blog about Chanel..she is one lady I look up to in Fashion..I too am fascinated..I think your very lucky to experience all that..I was wondering how did you go about on getting to do that tour.. or how can I :) thank you so much for sharing that… take care

----- ronalou lau 28.03.08 20:25

Wow what an interesting process, its really neat that they walked you through the entire thing! I posted a link to this on my blog, www.TheDieline.com


----- Andrew Gibbs 13.09.07 08:56

very interesting the process of finishing the bottle, very kind from chanel to let us know a little more of the most famous perfume ever.

----- alan urribarri 11.09.07 09:35

Funnily the lady uses no gloves — Your brand new bottle (we actually pay for the bottle, right?) has someone’s fingerprints already while opening the package :S

----- Pent 10.09.07 08:24

Hi hope that you had a good trip back to California. It was great to meet you in Paris. Your pictures are beautiful! I hope to post some of them in my blog too. Take care!!!XXX

----- Vicky 10.09.07 01:23

Your pics are great! I was very happy to meet you in Paris, I’ll often come back here now.

----- Géraldine 09.09.07 16:48

Ooh! Great post thank you…I love the entire process.

----- coco 07.09.07 19:43

I love how Chanel actually allowed photos of the process, most companies are ridiculously insecure over even the most trivial details.

I also love how they have a custom punch, which is all done by hand, instead of a machine.

----- Stephen 07.09.07 18:42

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