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Zuckerman’s Creatures- 09.19.07

creaturemain.jpgI stopped everything when i saw Swiss Miss’ post on Andrew Zuckerman’s latest book Creature. And then i clicked through to his site to see more page previews, only to find an incredibly gorgeous site… a peek inside the upcoming book… AND two amazing videos! The kind of amazing videos that you can watch 10 times over, and still need to see them again (screenshots below). Basically the photography of these animals on that clean white space is just breathtaking, and seeing video of him shooting it as well as the book being printed is just the ultimate tease. The book can be pre-ordered at Amazon, and is printed by Chronicle Books. *Swoon*

If you click through work>books>creature>inside ~ and click those tiny arrows under the image to flip through them all… at the very end is a really awesome video of the “making of”… i dream of someday having the opportunity to do such an awesome photoshoot… even just the chance to get up close and personal with all of these gorgeous creatures would be incredible.

Additionally if you click ‘commercial’ ~ you see a video that feels like when Sesame Street took you to the crayon factory (embedded here at the FAR bottom)… only for publishing, you get to see the pages printing, stacking, folding…. and its the biggest teaser EVER… the book is coming out in October.

And here is the best part (although it is hard to beat those incredible videos)… a sneak peek inside his book!

Oh, and incase you forgot about the Sesame Street Crayon Factory video… here it is!

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4 Notes

i love the prints of the wild:)l

----- teena gaw 01.10.07 08:35

Thank you SO much for the Sesame Street crayon video. That was one of my FAVORITES!

----- andym801 27.09.07 12:47

The Crayon Factory video!!! A memory I have never forgotten & longed to see!!! These are our roots man.

----- Marley 21.09.07 13:25

How is it that the Crayon factory video has become major reference point for everyone between the ages of 22 and 28? I guess it’s just that good.

----- nick 19.09.07 18:43

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