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Elemente- 10.12.07

elemente.jpgI was approached by Elemente Magazine a few months back, and i hadn’t heard of them. Apparently they are “Canada’s Alternative Design Magazine” on Architecture + Design + Lifestyle + International (as it says on the cover)… and they have been Nominated Best New Magazine in Canada (also on the cover). Well this is definitely one not to pass up on the newstands ~ its a nice super glossy design mag filled with a lot of content similar to what you find here at NOTCOT. In fact the O2 Cocoon i previously wrote about turned up on the cover of the latest issue! They have nice clean layouts, great typography, and i do love the super glossy paper. After being quite impressed with the back issues Elemente editor, Angus MacKenzie sent over, i even agreed to write a few short pieces for the latest issue (first time being in print as a writer!)… so i couldn’t help but share a few quick pics with you this Friday evening. You can check out my blurbs online at Elemente ~ but for frequent readers, it’s nothing you haven’t seen here… new copy, but i covered the Puma Urban Mobility line, Oxo Corn Stripper, and Art + Cook for them. Also check out the Elemente site for more insight on what else you can find in their magazine.


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Congrats! Would this magazine be available in Holland? Seems like an interesting mag :)

----- Mike 15.10.07 03:30

Congrats! Now you have to start working on a screenplay…

----- cogg 12.10.07 21:24

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