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Mori Ex Cacao- 10.15.07

skullchoc.jpgThe most tempting thing to grace my screen this morning is the D.L. & Co’s Mori Ex Cacao Skulls… Particularly this black Curious Chili “An eccentric blend of chilies and spices immersed in smooth chocolate ganache, generating a warmth that rises to an almost deadly heat, before leaving you spent, yet craving more.” Take a look at the other two skulls as well as the gift box trio below! In Bitter White Brandied Cherry and Scorched Caramel, how can you resist?

Scorched Caramel - “The alchemy of sugar is apparent in this tortured caramel, pulled from the flames at the last possible moment, redolent of earth, fire, and exotic woods, the rich caramel taste will take you to the edge.”

Bitter White Brandied Cherry - “An exquisite and unusual confection of indulgent bitter chocolate, kirsch-perfumed ganache and succulent sour cherries steeped in liqueur, finished in porcelain white cocoa.”


Available at Unica Home.

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Huge, really? Does anyone know how big the things are? I’ve looked at three sites and don’t see weights or anything on them. I’m fascinated!

----- Dorion 17.10.07 13:08

I tried these. Interesting flavors, but really huge portions. (And of course expensive.)

----- cybele 15.10.07 18:57

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