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Prep & Pauper- 10.01.07

perpandpauper.jpgPrep & Pauper ~ As part of the super crafty philly trip (it seemed like an etsy-fest). One of the local designers we dined with was Nicolas Newbold who is part manny (yes, male nanny), construction worker, ex-PR NYer, kid who ran around in a lacoste polo with the collar popped while sporting vans and a skateboard… etc etc etc. You get the point. He also has an obsession with ties, from patterns to silk weights to thicknesses… so as a company that started with a name and no purpose, Prep & Pauper naturally became a tie line. Interesting random tidbits to note before jumping into the overdose of pictures below? He claims to lack the ability to draw, but has hand drawn and learned illustrator to master all of these doodles seen on the ties ~ sews each and every bag by hand, and tapes them shut just for you. AND? I have a sneak peak for you of his upcoming Wailer print. Also, for all of you who are big on ties, let me know what you think of his patterns compared to those like Vineyard Vines, J.McLaughlin, Hermes, etc… because the comparisons keep coming up, and pulling up some of those they do seem a tad similar.



Every tie has a name and a story ~

You saw this earlier ~ but this was what came in the press welcome bag ~ you can see the detail of the bags he makes for the ties.

So what do you think? Here is a skull tie from J.McLaughlin and some prints from Vineyard Vines… those ducks are looking pretty close ~ and the whole whale logo mixed with skeletons thing?

Found this image, and thought it was pretty visually interesting…

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The Wailer tie is brilliant. As someone who wears a tie to work almost daily I’ve become familiar with many tie makers. I will say that I am one of the few folks at my job that enjoys wearing a necktie, and it shows. I carefully select my neck wear based not only on my outfit, but also my mood.

I’ve also come to detest Vineyard Vines for the false sense of “summering” they project and the notion that they live everyday like its a vacation. My life is not a vacation. Why would I want to support theirs? Call it jealousy, I call it reality. The Wailer is a perfect jab at VV. Bravo. I’ll be first in line when this tie is released.

Oh, and Vineyard Vines ties are way too busy.

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