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Vino de GlueGlue- 10.14.07

orangeglass.jpgGlue Glue Design has two projects that are part of Vindesign 2007 i couldn’t resist. First, above is the brilliant idea of turning your citrus fruit into your wine glass! Can you imagine how nice your sangria could be in a glass like that? And talk about biodegradable… I wonder if something like pomegranate would work… And below, check out their interesting take on the Cork. With their reusable stopper you can actually use the original cork to help add leverage to pull it out… or you can just pull with your finger in the loop…


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i love your idea, the entire thing of it captured my interest…first the name glueglue makes you have to linger longer, then the handdrawn pic intertwined with the photo,one thing led to another and i didnt even realize how perfectly shaped, the fruit is made for that idea alone. bravo, i am suprised i had never thought of that, and now ,a bit envious ,,but buoyed with the thought of going outside to discover something like it, and then to grasp even further into the sublime..

----- sanderbaker 15.11.07 10:31

Amazing… love it.

----- LowerEatSide 19.10.07 13:42

interesting concept, but lips to rind? would have guests sign waiver…

----- cae 18.10.07 19:34

Wine or not…drinking any liquid out of the peel would be fun. Maybe like apple juice out of an orange peel. On second thought…I don’t know that Apple-Orange Juice would be any good. Hmmmm.

----- Josh P. 14.10.07 13:47

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