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NOTCOT.org Roundup- 11.30.07

NOTCOT.org #7450NOTCOT.org #7437NOTCOT.org #7423NOTCOT.org #7418NOTCOT.org #7405NOTCOT.org #7401NOTCOT.org #7396NOTCOT.org #7395NOTCOT.org #7380NOTCOT.org #7359NOTCOT.org #7357NOTCOT.org #7332NOTCOT.org #7325NOTCOT.org #7327NOTCOT.org #7451Click the images to find out more! Since i am a total slacker and i decided to take the day off and drive down to LA from SF… then have more fun prepping some packages and gift cards for mailing (SO fun!) instead of scouring the internet for some posting, or actually downloading and cleaning up some photos off the dslr… in order to avoid the back to back gift guide posts, here’s a massive roundup of buy-ables from .org! First thing i will definitely need to do once tagging and better categorizing and all that classification related stuff gets sorted out - a tag for things we can buy… instant personal catalog to make gift guiding and shopping (for both me and you!) much easier.


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