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Paper 24-HR Dept Store- 11.09.07

paper0.jpgI just returned from the insanity that is Paper’s freshly opened 24 hour Department Store on La Brea (it runs from 6pm Friday through 6pm Saturday)… really its like a one day only pop-up mall. It is a hot hipsterfest of a shopping party with Andrew Andrew keeping everyone dance/shopping from within their post-it dj booth~ with a red room of MAC makeover portraits (even frame yourself in gold) ~ and a Levis photoshoot of you in your fav 501s. My favorite stores and finds of the night? The Undefeated Limited Ed. Spalding Ball that was on .orgColette has great textual ribbons, particularly the black and white “Everything you see is a dream you project onto the world”… Jack Spade! Citizen:Citizen! A+R! Mollusk! See below for images of the whole wild experience… and don’t forget, LA kids, you still have time to make it over.

Playing with my camera from my parking spot across the street… it was particularly ominous tonight, dont you think?

There was more action in the Brink Mobile out front… “A BRINKMOBILE is a complete mobile web design office, film production studio, HD screening room, and BRINK marketing vehicle all rolled into one. We will tour the country promoting our brands, all the while servicing our clients the way we normally do, contributing travel articles to brink.com, and making people aware of our films and products.”

As soon as you step in, there is the Colette booth and The Cobra Snake

At MAC you can step into the gold frame, get a make over, pick a more regularly sized gold frame, and have your portrait taken!


501s leads you right to the back where you can see “Levi’s Damien Hirst -
The bad-boy artist (who’s now a good boy?), most recently in the news for his diamond-covered cast of a human skull, continues his obsession with anatomy and the bling factor. A new collection for the Levi’s Warhol Factory line features skull shaped patterns outlined with crystals.”


Here are the dj team Andrew Andrew ~ known for their matching outfits and great music. (beware, their website pains me so so soooo much, but not even in that old school web or over flashy way. its hard to explain.)

The Spalding limited edition UNDEFEATED ball

Colette’s great textual ribbons, particularly the black and white “Everything you see is a dream you project onto the world”…

Mmmmm Jack Spade.


Here are Phillip and Tonya of Citizen:Citizen suspiciously admitting nothing.

Here’s Rose Apodaca of A+R… she and her husband, Andy Griffith founded this design wonderland and are just opening their second real world store on Abbot Kinney tomorrow! Also… did you know… Rose consulted on and helped launch Image, the new Los Angeles Times style section, and she contributes to Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Style.com, Paper, Preen and other publications… her first book, Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty & Everything Glamour, an all-encompassing lifestyle guide written for celeb stylist Rachel Zoe… helmed the west coast bureau of fashion-industry bible Women’s Wear Daily and was a contributor to W Magazine for six years… first recipient of the Los Angeles Fashion Awards Communications Prize for bringing global attention to the region’s fashion industry and style culture… AND is a co-owner of Beauty Bar Hollywood and Las Vegas, and serves on various arts organization boards.

Ok i know that was a slight side track ~ but her bio blows my mind!

Here’s the Mollusk booth…

Some fun randomness Andrew Andrew is selling

Lost & Found!

Cobra Snake!

And a few happy ice cream cone guns… well you push the button and the foam ice cream part pops off…

Anyhow, to see the full list of who’s there… check out Paper’s page on the 24 Hour Department Store.

Oh, and incase you don’t believe how packed it is in there here’s a pic of how hard it was to maneuver around! There was even a constant growing line at the door to let people in as people came out!

Oh ~ and these two guys convinced me to take their pic… with those Kanye west glasses… Shutter Shades


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Yup - it was open to the public!

----- jean 11.11.07 16:52

Was this open to the public?

----- Larry 11.11.07 15:44

Thanks for posting this, I wish I would have known about it beforehand….damn!!

----- Jessica 11.11.07 11:47

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