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Evolve Speakers- 12.03.07

gevolve.jpgOoooooh. Ok, to be honest, when i first say the Griffin Evolve Speaker images i thought it had floating speakers… they are in fact ~ “wireless rechargable digital speakers”, and it’s also you’re all in one ipod dock ~ with audio out channels, video out, s-video, etc… And you can even add more speakers - they have a cute little Multicast flash piece that shows you various members pairing their speakers then taking them to various rooms! They say “So have your friends bring their Evolve speakers next time they come over”… but doesn’t that seem a bit silly? I mean we’re already supposed to be carrying our wiimotes around, but our speakers too?



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I have a hard time finding myself compelled by iPod accessories in general, especially base-station/amp/speaker modules. They all seem to be incredibly myopic in scope, and tend to invert the use-model for this class of consumer electronics: modularity. I’d much rather put money into devices that perform discrete tasks (ie. speakers/powered speakers, input control/switching/levels/connectivity, and input source. Devices that limit themselves to the iPod as the sole input source just seem begging for the sort of obsalescence that plagues proprietary formats and standards; an iPod specific sound system’s just not going to age as well as a well-designed source-agnostic system… even one that perhaps incorporates iPod-friendly features.

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