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Gift Guide Final Day!- 12.21.07

day1com.jpgGift Guide Day 1 ~ wow. can you believe we’ve made it through 31 one days of gift guides? Since it seems like those of you still shopping can’t be getting THAT much out of online shopping (not with completely certainty that your gifts will make it on time for xmas anyhow ~ some of my amazon gifts just got *lost* having somehow fallen off the back of a UPS truck)… and i’m sure you already know where you can go for gift certificates if you’re doing the last minute thing… lets start looking ahead… to the exciting new things to covet in 2008! So the final day of the gift guide is dedicated to some goodies we know about, and some rumors we’re hopeful for… and please share with us, what else are you dying to see in 2008?

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Congrats on your successful Gift Guide month, Jean!! Even your music suppliers found some cool new gifts through here. :)

Happy to have been a part of it with you guys. Here’s to a kickass 2008!!

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