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NOTCOT Stickers- 12.10.07

stickersnew.jpgSo you know i got a vinyl cutter! Well, people have been asking about when NOTCOT stickers would be available… and between all the insanity of gift guiding (nearly 10 days left!), holiday madness, and some big development/business transitions going on, i wasn’t sure if i’d have time… BUT i’ve been having SO much fun with them, i couldn’t keep them all to myself, so while everyone around me keeps getting random stickers this weekend, i’ve decided to do a limited edition NOTCOT Stickers Series 1 ~ available from now until Dec 21st (yup, i’m going to sell this series of stickers until the Gift Guide ends!). So for 20$ (and shipping) you can get a giant sheet (approx 24”x10”) of 33 stickers ~ from NOTCOT logos (even one mirror image for inside windows) to pirate brontos (outlines and full bodied) to an assortment of random scissors and safety pins as well… all hand printed, weeded, transfer papered, by ME! See below for close ups and to purchase!

Also, for anyone interested in seeing the vinyl sticker making process, you can see images in the gallery.



If you’d like to buy a sheet of stickers:
This series of stickers is no longer for sale!

Oooh, and if anyone wants NOTCOT buttons click here!

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7 Notes

The sticker sheet arrived a couple days ago down here in aus. I must say they look better than the pictures do them justice. Especially the pirate brontos. Cannot wait for series 2 if there ever is one

----- BlueLem 09.01.08 00:46

are you gonna do the stickers for the wiimote as well? will sure love to have them! :)

----- gurgkle 11.12.07 18:42

Now I’m looking at Vynil plotter prices myself. Envy!
(The good kind of envy. Have fun with the new toy!)

----- C. Garofani 11.12.07 04:10

dear angry blue vinyl plotter,
just using the graphtec illustrator plugin!

----- jean 11.12.07 01:20

Yippee!! Just ordered mine!!! I am really taken by the pirate brontos for some silly reason.

----- leecaroline 10.12.07 23:25

I love my vinyl plotter. The downside is that it’s out in the garage/outside shop and it’s COLD!

what is the software you’re running with yours?

----- Angryblue vinyl plotter 10.12.07 22:36

Very nice! But $20? Damn!?!?!?!? AND you have to pay for shipping?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!?!

----- E.T.Cook 10.12.07 22:25

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