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Brooks Salzwedel “By Fault of Its Own”- 01.23.08

newsalzwedeln.jpgFollowing up the Jorge Oswaldo post, i’m excited to continue this trend of artwork that is literally layered to create surreal depths… these are the types of works you really need to see in person to fully appreciate.

Remember Brooks Salzwedel? (Of the incredible belt buckles, resin art pieces, and Shane jewelry?) Well, the real reason i headed out to the Tinlark Gallery Anniversary at the Crossroads of the World on saturday night was to see his debut solo show of “By Fault of Its Own”. And it was incredible to see the layered resin pieces up close, in fact one of the coolest things was to see them from the side! You can actually see the layers! And up close, being able to see the details of which trees and tendrils are floating above and below, and that cloudy haze that surrounds them all… well, i tried to get pictures of the whole room to share, and bring you into the tiny details that delighted me at the show… so check out all the pics after the jump!














Here’s a silly self portrait of me and my camera in the hazy reflection…


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I LOVE THEM!!!!! my god, absolutely beautiful and great mood! Hope will see her work in person in the UK!!! can’t wait

----- Meljane 01.06.08 13:08

This work is wonderful. Very experiential, it fills me with sensations.
One of these days, I will show my work. :)

----- Fergartner 20.04.08 21:15

great post, love your blog. wish i could have seen these pieces in person.

----- Adam 16.04.08 15:18

Great, i like the feeling of deepness. Nice feeling of mist and 3D, done or not, this one is done!

----- massilimanga 02.03.08 12:18

Where has this been done before? Linkskies please?

----- Norah 30.01.08 12:18

Sharon: Does something have to be new to be interesting to you?

----- Brianna 28.01.08 11:54

Love the sensation these pieces evoke. Very Japanese print-like in their composition and minimal elements. Without having read the artist’s statement the pieces in the wood sections seem a little hokey crafts, but I’m sure their is a good explanation behind it.

----- Drin 23.01.08 18:01

I think they are beautiful.

----- Leanne 23.01.08 17:34

*YAWN* I don’t get the allure… this has been done elsewhere long before.

----- Sharon 23.01.08 14:07

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