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Bubble Trouble Puzzle- 01.04.08

bubbletrouble.jpgI’ve always found the most intriguing puzzles to be those that look beautiful as objects and cause people to over think the solution. And this Bubble Trouble glass puzzle fits that perfectly. The goal is to move the single air bubble into the center chamber of this glass vial. It’s elegant in design and solution, and i love the typography on the packaging as well. Tempted to purchase this one to leave on my desk and watch people tilt it up and down and all around in hopes of achieving their goal. Ok, and if you simply can’t stand not knowing, solution is below.

Spin it on a table.
That’s it.

Also intriguing me from Grand Illusions is this Lock Puzzle:

“This is a really nice puzzle. To all appearances, it is a solid - and quite heavy - brass padlock. However one key has been locked to the padlock, and the other key is broken into two parts. Your challenge is to first open the padlock, and then to put everything back to the starting position again. It is a nice puzzle because there are at least 3 different problems that you have to solve. No other tools or equipment are involved in the solution. Just the items that you see here.”

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