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Jorge Oswaldo: Vinyl Artist- 01.23.08

vinyldepth1.jpgCan you believe that is layered vinyl stickering? Creating that depth through layering? Such a nice mix of the precision of vector lines cut with a vinyl cutter… yet brought back out from the digital to a physical mixed media piece? I discovered the work of Jorge Oswaldo through his video on Current TV (embedded after the jump for your viewing pleasure along with a few more of my favorites from his work!). Talking about ways NOTCOT has inspired me daily… this one takes it to a new level… i received the vinyl cutter for my birthday, made a limited edition series of stickers, one of the guys who bought the stickers tips me off to this awesome video, and now how can i not push the boundaries and start making crazy art with it? Let’s just say i have some silly street art ideas for reflective vinyl stickering… but until then, check out the video below of Jorge Oswaldo’s walk through his studio, his process, and his incredible work with vinyl… unlikely you’ll ever look at stickers quite the same!



Who is Jorge Oswaldo? (here’s his bio)
Jorge was born in San Salvador, El Salvador C.A., in 1979. Arriving in the United States in 1981 he grew up in a the Chicago suburb, Mundelein. Getting his start using crayons, his coloring books would later transform into canvas. He received formal training at Barat College, a small liberal arts school in Lake Forest, IL. It was during that time that he solidified his career as an artist. Graduating with BFA in painting, he quickly decided that Graduate school would be his next achievement. Switching gears from painting to video, he attended the University of Illinois at Chicago where he studied with art stars Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Tony Tasset, Kerry James Marshall, Julia Fish, Susan Sensemann, and Jennifer Reeder.

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I just cannot believe that it is just vinyl stickering. How can one attain such depth with just layering? This is one beautiful and precised piece of art! Thanks a lot for sharing that.

----- Meredith Mundelein 22.10.15 23:52

I have a new show and some new art coming up at this cool place

check out the vid.

post the vid or any pics you like.





----- jorgeoswaldo 22.06.08 03:20


I met you on La Brea last week when you were filming… At least I think it was La Brea. Remember you showed me your artwork on my iPhone and I was looking for a place across the street with a map.

I’ve got a project lined up to do a submisssion for a movie poster for a real movie company near Universal Studios on Cahuenga. Yeah, it’s not hard to get that kind of thing since I’m not gonna get paid, but I was wondering if you’d be interested in working on it with me.

We’ve got a couple months to get it done, but not much more. It’s the kind of project that can be very artistic and still fly, as long as the main character’s photo is stuck in the midddle of the art.

GImme a call at your earliest convenience.


John Merrifield

----- John Merrifield 17.06.08 03:28

Love the stuff. I say though, this art of creating repeated patterns (mostly organic) what is it called? I would love to create such vector graphic patterns.


----- T.Babs 27.04.08 09:01

I love it, it looks very nice!
Great work Jorge. :)

----- pickupjojo 23.01.08 03:12

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