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My Cup Noodle Factory- 01.04.08

mycupnoodlefactory.jpgOn bizarre 4am spontaneous research projects… we just got inspired to learn far too much about Cup Noodle (or Cup O’ Noodles). Best thing we found? Ok well there’s a tie, but we’ll show you the other part in the next post… there is a Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum! And in that museum that is in the factory in Osaka ~ you can make CUSTOM Cup Noodles, where you draw on the cup, fill it with your noodles, choose your toppings and flavors (including cheese, curry, corn, the usuals), seal it up, plastic wrap it… and then even put it in a crazy inflatable bag! Anyhow, watch the videos below to see the custom Cup Noodle Bar, as well as how those noodles came to be as kids work with the factory workers (think crazy happy ikea meets wonka factory look) to make the noodles from scratch!

Here is a video from the Nissin site showing you how those noodles are made… from scratch… and put into the cup!

Here is their video of how you make your OWN CUSTOM My Cup Noodle!


There are even lots of photos on flickr! Here are some from duckgu

And for even MORE info ~ Tofugu has a great post about this as well!

… i would LOVE to make a case of custom NOTCOT Cup Noodle …

And for the other posts in the Cup Noodle Trilogy:

- Nissin the brand, and my new found respect for it’s innovative thinking ~ and its eco friendly reusable/DIY cup and refill packs!

- 20 incredible Cup Noodle ads that can’t be missed!

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You missed a piece of cup of noodle culture: the graphic novel.


- Mike

----- Michael Buckbee 05.01.08 21:22

I was in Osaka and i never knew about this! A missed opportunity!

----- jaime 04.01.08 08:11

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