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Nissin Cup Noodle: The Brand- 01.04.08

ecostylecn.jpgAlthough this post trilogy on Cup Noodles started out in good fun, and we found ourselves giggling and amused by the 20 ads as well as the custom Cup Noodles… we became inspired by the innovative thinking behind this brand when stumbling across a pdf from Nissin Foods about how “Cup Noodle Looks Ahead”, where President Komori sat down with Koki Ando, president of Nissin… For the most noteworthy excerpt first:

Making the impossible possible. One of my plans for our company is to double the number of ‘eccentrics’ in Nissin Foods. As a manufacturer, we must continue to make new breakthroughs. We must ‘make the impossible possible,’ and common-sense individuals often can’t accomplish this. Breakthroughs can only be achieved by those who are a bit eccentric. organizations, however, necessarily aim at efficiency, and eccentrics, who may only work one week out of a year tend, to vanish from the organization. When the chips are down, though, these people are capable of great feats. Corporate leadership must find and keep these valuable human resources. By ‘encouraging eccentrics’ we can achieve our impossible dreams.

Isn’t that an inspiring thing to hear someone in a corporation say? That passage has given me a whole new level of respect for Cup Noodle - don’t get me wrong, i’m also slightly horrified to find that the noodles are deep fried for efficiency, and are really mostly fat and salt… so luckily we don’t indulge in the college staple often! As for the sweet Eco Style Cup Noodle Refill pack? Read more below…

On the history of Nissin, another fascinating passage is:

Peace through Food. In 1958, my father, Momofuku Ando, the founder and chairman of Nissin Food Products, originated and marketed the product that we now know as instant ramen. During the chaos in post-war Japan, Ando came to believe that food outranked everything else in importance. He lived in a small, simple house conducting trial production of noodles and eventually came up with chicken ramen.

Now about that Eco Style Refill Pack ~ i love that Nissin has embraced not only the green angle but also the DIY angle with its “design your own” flash templates for customizing the refill pack’s reusable cups! Basically you can buy refill ramen packs that you pop into the cup and cook as you always do!

Explore the main page on the refill packs

View the ad or also read more and see the spokeswoman.



And for the other posts in the Cup Noodle Trilogy:

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(Sorry, I couldn’t resist the on-topic yet shameless self-promo.)

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