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Serero’s Eiffel Tower Observation Deck- 03.19.08

eiffeltowernew.jpgI’ve been a bit baffled as to what to make of this 120th Anniversary Eiffel Tower Observation Deck designed by Serero that will go up next year as i came across images on all the blogs (i.e. Core77, Gizmodo, etc)… see my favorites of the architectural diagrams and renders after the jump. In celebration of the 120th birthday of the tower, the Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel decided to restructure the public reception and access areas of the tower, and the result will be a temporary horizontal extension of the 3rd floor of the tower. Serero’s design is built out of carbon kevlar, steel connectors, and metal mesh. What was most intriguing to me was Serero’s discussion of the generative design:

Generative Design: The design is based on a generative script, creating branches out of the primary structure of the tower. Inspired by the structural concept of Eiffel of three-dimensional cross bracing beams, the script unfolds along curved lines the “DNA” of the tower. The script used the existing structure at the top of the tower ( a 10 by 10 meters cube) to generate 3 structural weaves, which are interconnected. These layers are combined to create a woven complex, which is based on the redundancy and the non-repetition of patterns to increase its structural performance. In opposition with modern engineering (based on the concept of repetition and optimization), the project for the Eiffel tower extension is based on an alternative model of high performance.




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I wish the Eiffel Tower DNA is built for real in some city like Beirut, Budapest, or Djibouti City in the future.

----- Donald Turner 28.08.17 15:16

my dad is a civil engineer and we both have made models and this design will not old
plus it is just plain UGLY!!!!

----- newhater 03.09.08 21:07

My opinion is that this destroys the ex-libris image of Paris. I don’t like it and I’m very septic about the modernization of old buildings. I think that they should be enjoyed for their visual historic representation and everything added will destroy this image. Perhaps I’m old fashioned but it’s the way I feel.

----- Maria 31.03.08 13:31

This news was only a hoax.

Fortunately just a rumour that has been declared false a couple of days ago: Paris tower and skyline are not going to be changed according to La Societe d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel itself!

In Italian we say “Meno male!”

Read more here:





----- miss.yuki 31.03.08 11:56

This might be the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while. How you could do this to the Eiffel Tower (of all things) is completely beyond me. It is the visual symbol of Paris…beyond getting more people up there, what’s it really accomplishing?
I hope I never see this in my future trips to Europe. But, to say something like this will be “temporary” is somewhat short sighted…for the cost that this will cost to assemble and attached to the top of the structure, I doubt that Paris will be willing to pay for its removal anytime soon…

Maybe next they’ll put a shopping mall on top of Notre Dame…

----- Mark (the architect) 27.03.08 11:34

Looks like a can-can petticoat!

----- Deborah Femat 26.03.08 07:33

Oh please God no. It’s like horribly burning your friend’s face for his birthday.

I pray it’s taken down swiftly after the anniversary…

----- Sid 26.03.08 04:18

It’s only temporary! I think it looks class. It does change the skyline completely but so what! If people don’t like it just visit Paris the year after instead…who knows it might be loved so much they may never take it down, like a certain Eiffel Tower ;)

----- Nicola 26.03.08 03:18

Next thing you know someone will want to stick a Citroen ad up the side of it….

----- idogcow 25.03.08 15:46

The tower itself was supposed to be temporary too. So maybe this thing won’t be so temporary after all.

----- John 22.03.08 08:58

Reminds me quite a bit of the Space Needle. I also hope that it is just a temporary thing… the Eiffel Tower is an icon. Changing it is kind of baffling to me.

----- Erin 21.03.08 13:01

It’s an abomination… i leave near the eiffel tower, i see it every day and this design break the profile of the Eiffel Tower!

It’s horrible simply horrible…

----- Ngee 21.03.08 01:43

Very elegant rendering, I really like the art nouveau metro look. I hope it gets the same color treatment as the tower though. Def a conversation piece once they do it.

----- LEO 20.03.08 20:52

My reaction was the same as Emily’s but then I read that it was temporary, so I’m fine with it. As long as they don’t make this a permanent addition I have no problems. I find it a bit cool. I wonder what the 130th anniversary will bring.

----- alia 20.03.08 19:34

is this going to be temporary or forever? How long will it be if it is temporary?

----- Angel 20.03.08 19:30

I cannot believe that they would actually consider doing this… you just CANNOT change the profile of the Eiffel Tower!

----- Emily 20.03.08 13:13

Isnt this going to make it harder to see from the top? This will just allow more people to be there at once…with less of a view?

----- toff 20.03.08 11:49

so they’re making the eiffel tower look more like the seattle space needle?

----- julie 20.03.08 06:29

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