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Spontaneous Roadtrip- 03.26.08

calicoast1.jpgRumor has it i’ve been a bit of a workaholic the last few months, and lacking at indulging my inherent wanderlust… so today was supposed to be a quick drive up to SF from LA with dan, but one thing led to another and it became a spontaneous roadtrip/adventure - leading to everything from lunch in a danish town (solvang) - trying danish pancake balls (aebleskiver) - feeding ostriches and emus - a giant tree stump turned treehouse/pirateship on the side of the road in a tile/bricklaying yard - 1797 Mission San Miguel Arcangel - driving by Hearst Castle - seeing beaches filled with elephant seals - cruising up the coast through state parks on cliff hanging roads to big sur - stopping off to admire the view constantly - buying 99 cent chips for $1.79 (cliff view markup?) - seeing otters playing so far below they looked like tiny dots - sunset in Big Sur - martinis and dinner watching the sun fully disappear - and now i’m in Monterey Bay in a luscious king sized bed overlooking Cannery Row and the ocean as i try to get this post up as my photo excuse as to why the posting and editing was a bit quiet today.

Tomorrow ~ Monterey Bay Aquarium and then back to regularly scheduled working… but for now, catch up on the roadtrip in pics first (as well as a full map of where i’ve been and where i’m headed)?
















ok… and now to get some SLEEP!

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I just came back from a trip to bay area and it was very relaxing. I like how the trees are in bloom in bay area. The blooming season in socal was 2-4 weeks ago.

----- Rob 31.03.08 21:24

Great pics! I’m making a very similar trip in a couple of weeks. Were did you get to feed the ostriches? Where did you stay in the Big Sur area?

----- Braxton Miller 29.03.08 20:51

Wow that is awesome. I don’t get an out-of-state vacation this year so maybe a roadtrip in CA is just what I need! Where did you find that pirateship?? I would love to go and see that.

P.S. You should make a map of your destinations on Google Maps. I would love to “follow” in your roadtripping footsteps!

----- Lisa 27.03.08 22:06

oh, by the way, we went to that bar for a drink too!

when were you there?

----- rupert 27.03.08 22:05

ostrich pic cracks me up. Love it!
Have a great time at the aquarium, you’ll love it.
I expect good fish pics.. :)

----- laura 27.03.08 17:12

I loved this post! We all need to do things like this sometimes. I love your photographs & diagrams (giggled at the eating-ostrich one especially) - what camera do you use? I am going to dig around, maybe you mention it somewhere.

----- Johanna 27.03.08 10:05

Unbelievable!!, I’m on holiday from the UK, and did the trip down to Big Sur last weekend from SF.

It’s so utterly mind blowing at this time of year - it’s incredible - great photos!

----- rupert 27.03.08 07:53

This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. Thanks!

----- Ethan 27.03.08 06:40

looks like so much fun! I’m so jealous!

----- Celine 27.03.08 04:55

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