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Dissecting the Keyport- 04.08.08

Keyport - the all in one keyfob… we’ve shown it to you before it was available, what the process of shipping your keys looks like, and more - and now i got hands on with one of the early production models to take apart for you! Aren’t you curious how they take your original keys and cut them down with dovetailing them to interlock with the main unit? I was… so up close pics and first impressions after the jump!!!

The box is the size of an altoids box (for some perspective)
My only complaint sliding these keys in and out a bit was that my fingers turned black with the lubricating goo, and its a bit hard to keep track of which key is where…


by slightly pressing the two sides you can remove the cap - i had a bit of trouble with this since its so smooth and there’s no real click… but its not something you’re supposed to be doing regularly anyhow!


With the cap off, and the key out, you can see that they cut the original key and have doevtailed notches for you to slide the key on and off…



Here are the direction on how to use it and how to open it up… click to view larger!

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12 Notes

i gotta say i am pretty unimpressed with it.
i agree with pretty much every complaint listed.
cool in theory but put into practice i don’t see it working very well
also, did i read this correctly? you have to physically slide each key? i’d rather have it spring loaded so that you can hit the button and it slides out and you only have to pull key back in.
and have you read all the “cautions”? don’t expose to dirt, sand, water, or other foreign matter? wow. and lubricating it weekly with graphite? sorry that’s another task I don’t really need.
i’m a total sucker for design but only if it makes my life easier. with this it’s like you’re buying a pack of responsibilities. not to mention if god forbid you misplace the thing (but then again, the same problem exists with key rings).

----- ryn 10.04.08 12:40

A thicker and bulkier way to carry my keys? No thanks.

Not to mention I wouldn’t want that massive thing hanging from my ignition or have to deal with updating that everytime I get a new vehicle, bike lock, or apartment.

----- Joshua 09.04.08 13:20

How do I sync it up to my keyless entry fob? Oh, it doesn’t do that, you say. I’ll have to carry that on an “old fashioned” key ring along with this. And with my ignition key with the transponder in it. Good deal, I’m sold.

----- jake 09.04.08 08:21

My uncle had a unit like this like 20 years ago, except it was cooler looking and you didnt have to cut your keys. It also only cost like 10 bucks as opposed to 300 or whatever this company is asking. Pure junk.

----- Joe Shmo 09.04.08 06:41

Hey c’mon 300 bucks? Here in İstanbul - Turkey i bought same key holder for only 10 Turkish Lira = Almost equal to 5$ Isnt it nice. Maybe i can export it to US or other countries :) 300 for a key holder god someone who gave that price must be crazy.

----- Kutkut 09.04.08 01:29

so amazing…how can i get it..?

----- kk 09.04.08 00:37

good luck on getting one of these. this company is the slowest I have ever dealed with. they promise, promise, promise and nothing becomes of it. step it up, when your paying $300 dollars for a product, stand behind it, get the product out, and if you cannot then figure out what you need to do to get it out. what a joke!

----- john 08.04.08 22:32

Since Keyport is purporting to be a better alternative to the commonplace key ring, can we please get a more thorough analysis of Keyport vs. a 6-key (apples to apples) key ring? Side-by-side photos, weight etc. would be appreciated.

----- Reiskid 08.04.08 20:41

This might be good for home or office keys. But, I wouldn’t want it cantilevered off my car key while it’s in the ignition. (**SNAP**) Also, am I supposed to hand this expensive thing over to a valet or a mechanic with all my other keys in it? Do I slide out the chopped key for them? Or, do I have to carry spare keys *anyway* on an old fashioned key ring?

For $15 I can copy all my keys, crop & drill the heads, and fit them into the handle of a cheap Swiss army knife. But, I won’t… because, I’m really just too lazy.

----- Demetrius 08.04.08 17:54

where can i get this?

----- Bonnie 08.04.08 17:51

Unimpressive… purely a novelty.

----- Bendy 08.04.08 16:22

That is really cool, but not cool enough for me to justify it’s ridiculous price tag.

----- Justin 08.04.08 15:59

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