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Recycled Map Envelopes- 04.26.08

recycledenvelopesmain.jpgD!REKTRECYCLING makes the coolest envelopes ever. They have become one of my favorite things about receiving packages from Working Class Heroes - other than the incredible felt/leather sleeves for my gadgetry, of course.

The image above is what happens when i stick my camera inside the envelope… for more context move on to the next page… it’s brilliant because its such a clean professional looking envelope on the outside, yet you can’t help ripping it apart to learn about new places on the inside…




In the USA - you can shop via Start Motions for all of these various sized (and combo packs!) recycled map envelopes. Otherwise, you can browse the main D!REKTRECYCLING page to find your distributors/retailers.

Here’s a sneak peek at what came in the latest package… i’ve been bothering the Working Class Heroes for a kindle case, since the one that comes with it is horrendously bad… and this is the prototype which i’m already inseparable from…

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Cool envelopes! Does this mean you are using your Kindle a lot?

----- Craig 29.04.08 11:20

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