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Frandsen Projekt Bait Lamp- 05.23.08

baitlamp.jpgWe came across this Bait Lamp designed by Henrik Pedersen for the Frandsen Projekt at ICFF, and i must admit, it didn’t look like much to me, until i lost Dan, only to find him with the booth guy playing with this lamp… and then it suddenly became really sweet. It has a carbon fiber rod, and on it is a movable brushed steel weight, and using the weight as a counter balance you can slide it along the lamp to adjust the height of the lighting, and the carbon fiber rod will naturally adjust its curve!

Really, you need to see it in action to make sense of it… so luckily we made a quick video clip you can check out to illustrate how it works. Unfortunately there is minimal information on the the Frandsen Projekt site, but we did find it in the catalog/pdf. Watch our little video on the next page!

p.s. we’re internally debating whether the lamp we saw is the same lamp in the press images, but the booth guy gave us the press kit saying it was in there, and this is the closest thing to it…….. it is a bit weird that the press image has the shade hanging so much lower, perhaps that’s adjustable?

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It’s the same lamp in both photos. You can buy it from these guys:


----- Amedeo 12.11.09 20:22

I would love to know where to buy this lamp? and how much it costs? It is beautiful. Thanks

----- siena scarff 03.06.08 07:47

i love the bendy fishing pole-like neck!

----- aileen 23.05.08 14:15

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