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Free Hermes Kelly Bag- 05.10.08

hermes1.jpgReally. A free classic for download on the Hermes site… i thought it was bizarre when Fendi went all DIY with its white canvas baguette that came with Pantone markers, but to see Hermes release Hermes Branded pdf’s of DIY cut+glue models of Kelly bags… i just had to laugh. Then press print. Then post.

How do you feel about it? Is it awesome that these luxury brands are reaching out so strongly to a younger demographic? Embracing the DIY/customization trends… taking inspiration from dunnys and paper craft trends? Or does it cheapen the brands? Honestly, i’m pretty out of it, and not sure what to make of it. But first impression is certainly that these could be cute (cheap) branded place cards for a girly dinner party quite easily… See more screenshots and the pdf on the next page!





First distracted by this via Purse Blog

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I find these templates quite useful. I use the blank one to print over vintage paper (old pretty books) that would just end up in landfill or recycled (still uses energy and power) to make gift “boxes” or rather bags out of them to give away with my goods. They make such a great impact for placing small, lighter objects in them to for gifts especially. Great pattern for re-using paper.

----- Nat 02.05.09 17:00

ummm for all of you guys complaining… me and a friend made cute decor for my nursery… a mobile of tiny Kelly bags is adorable and funny…

----- Elle Ross 11.08.08 16:51

If it is made for little girls, alright. Yet, I do not understand what would be the use for a kid to become too early a consumation addict. Is this the corporation policy of “Catch them while they`re young”?
I do not even want to think of the other possible reason: “If you can`t afford it, make a paper one”. This sounds extremely stupid to me.

----- gabriela 27.06.08 01:11

Lovely crafts for little girls!

----- Maxi Jewels 17.06.08 00:06

But I want a Birkin!

----- Chantal 22.05.08 14:28

I think it’s fun. Reminds me of the check laundry bags (was it Prada? Someone big anyway) last season. Almost a bit of a two-fingers up to all the counterfeiters and copiers; “We’ll GIVE you the pattern! And people will STILL prefer ours!”.

----- VIcki 22.05.08 06:30

Interesting. It reminds me of how in the outer boroughs, women that are too poor to have actual purses use bags from stores (typically Victoria’s Secret) instead.

----- elissa/SpandexPony 19.05.08 21:09

The little purse is very cute, made copies for my daughters, neices, and some friends. All thought it was fun to make. Thank You

----- Judie 15.05.08 12:38

That is all kinds of hilarious.

----- Nina 13.05.08 12:03

this would be a nice alternative to a gift bag, that’s what I would use it for

----- jessica o 13.05.08 08:00

really cute, I’m thinking to use the pattern to make on in fabric.

----- Filicudi 13.05.08 00:27

Exactly.. it’s a just a crafty thing to do.. to spear your time.. that’s it. I think it’s cute…

----- jessica 12.05.08 22:43

p.s. It’s a TOY. A paper craft toy for FUN to make… just a tiny little paper purse you can put on your desk, or use with your dolls… granted, you can scale it up and make it life sized, but in paper, thats not really the intention…

----- jean/NOTCOT 12.05.08 18:45

ok.. c’mon now.. what the heck are you going to do with a paper purse?? You know that wouldn’t hold nearly enough stuff!!! That handle would snap with the pressure…

If they really wanted to reach out to the people who can’t afford their bags, they’d make a less expensive line that they could sell at the mall..

----- Habasabi 12.05.08 16:23

I’ve got some tyvek envelopes around waiting for a project - looks like this might be it!

----- Rose 12.05.08 08:59

Someone explain the point to me?

Isn’t the point of the handbag to be functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time? This only gets it halfway.

----- Gafoto 10.05.08 20:43

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