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Why Cheap Art?- 05.27.08

cheapart.jpgPinned up in the bathroom of the log cabin… “the WHY CHEAP ART? manifesto” - from the Bread & Puppet Glover, Vermont in 1984… this nice little manifesto speaks for itself! I must say, parts of this remind me of the Target rants on design… and if this is the manifesto for cheap art, what would one for design look like? See a larger image on the next page…


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Wealthy individuals fund the outlandish artists that create greatness. Though cheap art is fun, it’s not as influential or inspiring.

----- DT 29.05.08 11:46

Wherever it is you are staying, you have endeared it to a lot of notcot readers. When you leave it may be swamped with vacationers.

----- ericastratton 28.05.08 18:38

I’ve got a few of these lying around my house, among other Bread & Puppet things. (Still get their calendars once a year).

Bread and puppet are amazing, though I miss them. It’s funny to see them popping up in places you don’t expect. (The Mr. Kite section of Across the Universe), and now NotCot.

There’s a lot of history and power in bread and puppet!

----- EJ Fox 28.05.08 15:45

The second half of that manifesto was later comissioned by a beloved theater director and painted, by the students, on the wall of Woodstock, VT high school arts wing. I always loved the sentiment and glad to see it still being passed around.

----- Adriane 28.05.08 12:48

Yeah, tell that to an independent/freelance graphic designer. I need to pay my bills!

----- Victoria 28.05.08 06:42

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