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Dan Hiller Altered Engravings- 06.11.08

woodytent.jpgThe Fabulist never leads you wrong… and today she led me to the work of Dan Hiller, who manages to merge the style of old style engravings of tentacles and humans… to create the most mysterious imagery of couples, mother, father, and what looks like alice! These incredible “altered engravings” are available not only in prints and wood… but also engraved on moleskines at Modofly! You can see images of these and more on the next page…

Londoners can pick up his works at The Sunday Upmarket at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane…




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those engravings are cool, if Dan Miller created the imagery himself. if not, then its just hacking someone elses work. regardless if it was royalty and copyright free.

----- jimiyo 28.06.08 09:08

married to the sea anyone?


----- MurderMitten 11.06.08 07:30


----- sarah 11.06.08 06:59

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