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Emil Kozak and Kelly Slater- 06.14.08

theboards.jpgOk, so i’ve obsessed about Emil Kozak’s work back in dec 2006 ~ as well as his wallpaper in the last post… but as i continued browsing his site, i remembered what brought me there in the first place ~ i was sent the link to check out his incredible Whale Surfboard collab with Kelly Slater ~ and there is also the amazing tree filled with action that i’d love to see up close someday! Kozak says on the site “Artwork for Kelly Slaters Pro models. Kelly and I came up with the tree-idea. I made the illustrations and Al Merrick at Channel Islands shaped them. Cross your fingers, that he will get his 9′th world title this year!”


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Hey i want to be a pro surfer when older i live in ashgrove so i dont see the beach much canu give me some tips how to achieve this goal like if i skip school some times and some others i am 13 aswell

----- Joe Rogers 07.09.08 01:50

Emil Kozak rules. When I first found his site I wanted to become a designer instantly. As skater/surfer/snowboarder its real nice to see cool graphic design entering the sports.

Nice one Emil and Kelly

----- Palangi 15.06.08 20:55

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