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Incase iPod Touch Slider Case- 06.18.08

incaseit1.jpgIncase always has the best packaging experiences… as much as i love their products, opening the press packs they send always leave me giddy all day. Today they sent over these new Incase iPod Touch Slider Cases - in the starburst like colors of Summer Rose, Rummer Red, and Summer Orange - these were wrapped in tissue paper, tucked with giant paint chip like info cards in black Incase envelopes, which fit perfectly on some padding in the gift box… and on top of that was a card with their motto when you opened the box: “A better experience through good design.” *swoon*. I love these guys… living up to a motto like that makes them a pleasure to interact with. The cases are great - they are incredibly thin but durable plastic - with my favorite soft touch rubberized coating! So take a peek at the unboxing pics and close ups on the next page… and keep an eye out for these to be available on their website! (Currently you can only find the black and white high gloss ipod touch slider cases)









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how does the case effect the heating of the touch/iphone esp when charging?
I herd that they can effect battery heat…. and when the battery gets hot too often this can lead to shorter battery life…. does anyone here take their phone/pod out of its case every time they charge it??…..

----- Lee 06.07.08 05:33

I was given a black soft touch version of these, around 3 months ago by the incase team. trust me, you want one. sleek stylish and elegant. The soft touch on these things is addictive, these pics dont really show how thin these things are. They add next to-nothing to the dimensions, far thinner that other cases.

the summer zest gives the cases added jazz

----- rich 25.06.08 03:04

oy! i just invested in a gloss white slider case. how depressing, as i do not have another $40 to drop on a case!

----- kattyface 23.06.08 18:53

I have to agree with Jean. I have their equivalent model for the iPhone, and it doesn’t really add any bulk or weight. It just does a great job of providing protection. I’ve dropped my iPhone from about 4 feet up onto pavement, and it landed on the corner, but the case did it’s job!

----- Jeremy Pinnix 22.06.08 06:57

Actually ~ i guess it didn’t show well in the pics ~ but it weights next to nothing, and is ridiculously thin ~ yet surprisingly strong.

the soft touch grip is great ~ and i think its a really nice way to protect it and give it a splash of color!

----- jean/NOTCOT 19.06.08 20:43

Pretty design, but I still can’t figure out why someone would add so much bulk and weight to their iPod Touch with one of these… especially when you can get decent protection without the fat with an Invisible Shield ‘case’ for the Touch from Zagg for 25 dollars.

----- Mkhalili 19.06.08 03:24

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