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Old Money by Yoko Devereaux- 06.09.08

moneynecklace.jpgThe press release starts off “In these days of soaring gas prices, yelps of cash crunches and real estate depression, the last thing anyone would do is destroy money. Well, anyone but Yoko Devereaux that is. Launching for spring/summer 2008, Old Money, is a collection of coins hand cut into works of art Yoko has attached to aged sterling silver necklaces. As Creative Director, Andy Salzer, explains, “It is about taking something that is so relevant in our society and then destroying it.”

Somehow, i think the destruction of pennies, to turn them into 88$… is not exactly the dumbest way to “destroy money” in a recession, but that’s just me. Personally, i have always admired some of the more gorgeous designs to appear on money, and this is a beautiful way to isolate those elements… now if only they would make one with that one pound coin that has the dragon on it! See a close up on the next page…


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i think these are gorgeous. i am canadian myself and i would love a gorgeous canadian quarter with the caribou in the form of a necklace.

where are some places that i can get these made??

absolutely lovely, a great post!! :)

----- Molly 20.09.08 11:42

Defacing the head of the queen used to be a crime. It might still be the case…

A search revealed more up-to-date information:

“…it seems in Canada that the law is a little outdated and deals more with coins. However, ‘coin’ can be applied to mean currency, as like most things with the law, there is some ‘flex’. In a nutshell, the law states that scratching, marking or otherwise defacing coins such that it is unrecognizable, is illegal; so when you take a penny and put it in those tourist machines that squish the penny and mark it with a picture or something, that’s breaking the law. As such, if you apply the law to notes, if you were to colour it completely black that would be breaking the law as well (of course, you’d also be a twit as you’d be out the face value of note).” http://www.cdn-money.ca/cdnmoney/servlet/cmtHelp?help=bill-faq#illegal

----- kimik 11.06.08 08:03

A guy at SF water front does these for $10. Not really impressed.

----- Justin 11.06.08 06:31

Oh nice - I remember that lady it’s actually Czechoslovak crown from era of comunism. It comes to me quite funny that this artefact of comunism should be worn by some wealthy man from western world. Anyway here is a link where you can see also the other side of the coin. Artist of this coin is also author of Lidice memorial

----- M72 10.06.08 11:48

I like the way, Andy Salzer, explains Yoko’s work, “It is about taking something that is so relevant in our society and then destroying it.” But I would like to add “destoying it to the emphasis the intracies which make it special.”

----- Leanne 10.06.08 01:31

wow, they’re stunning!

----- katie 10.06.08 01:28

these are lovely. I have the exact style of necklace, that I inherited from my grandmother. Hers was/is a 20 Groszy piece (polish coin), with the polish eagle carved out, and strung on a sterling sliver chain. It’s my absolute favorite, since it honors history and my heritage. I’m glad someone reproducing this style, they are so special.

----- CMK 09.06.08 18:47

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