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Diesel Sweeties Robot Sneak Peek!- 07.09.08

laserbots.jpg Not that you needed another reason to go to Comic-con, but i was just chatting with rstevens of Diesel Sweeties, and he gave me a sneak peek i just HAD to share with you… laser cutter + acrylic + Diesel Sweeties = an adorable robot take over? These are a peek at the first prototypes (don’t worry they will have eyes soon!)… and he also just published the best comic on dating + tetris… see the next page to find out just what the two have in common, as well as more robot pics, and screenshots of a noteworthy ad Zune ad for the new Lost Graphic Novel that i’m envious of! (It has the cutest, subtlest corner flash animation that when rolled over, flips back the page to show the comic!)





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the comic Least I Could Do has one of the little corner ads too

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