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Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo Zipper Pulls- 07.03.08

zipperrocket.jpgOn the #1 thing i’m looking forward to at Comi-con (is it silly if i day trip to SD just for these?) ~ Rocket World’s Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo ~ super armed yet oh so adorable creatures in the tiniest form yet! As blindbox zipper pulls and parachuters! The Zipper Pull Series will be about 1” tall, and including the original three I.W.G. members, there will also be human skulls, for a total of 17 colorways, two of which will be mystery chase figures! The Airborne Series of parachuters will be about 1.5” tall with high quality parachutes, and a total 15 colorways between the three characters, including TWO mystery chase figures! Anyhow, these are just a peek at what is to come at sdcc this year! More pictures on the next page, as well as pics of the making of…




Here are some pics of the zipper pulls and parachuters in the making…

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No turtles? ;-)

----- Speedmaster 04.07.08 12:02

so much personality in these little creatures!!

----- sarah 04.07.08 08:37

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