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Change The Thought Posters- 08.27.08

posters1.jpg Change The Thought posters ~ aren’t they beautiful? Beautifully inspiring? I couldn’t decide which ones of these 4 to show as the main image, so decided to post them all - close ups on the next page… although as i stare at these more and more, i think i’m most smitten by the “Sunshine” and the “One day we’ll show them why the world made us.”!



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I designed them if you are curious.

My website is here:

I run a blog and host all of my creative work and experimentation on one site.

----- Christopher Cox 03.10.08 13:07

Hey who designed these? I want the fuller one. its amazing.

----- star 08.09.08 14:17

have you seen Chris’s awesome Obama images!? He is a wizzzzard!

----- a35mmlife 02.09.08 17:46

Thanks so much for the link! About to spend a whole bunch of money methinks. Sunshine and One Day are just stunning.

----- Kat 28.08.08 07:36

Great eye! I recently bought the “One day we’ll show them why the world made us” poster. It strikes a personal chord in all of us, no?

----- Masa 27.08.08 19:17

Awesome. Wow, thank you so very much for the kind words.

They were crafted with love and a heavy dose of patience. That and a little Photoshop of course.

----- Chris 27.08.08 15:48

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