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Friends With You Wish Come True- 08.10.08

friends.jpgWhile at Comic-con i finally got to take a peek at the FULL set of Friends With You’s Wish Come True blindbox toys by StrangeCo… and i’ve been secretly wishing for the adorable red mushroom looking guy that was one of the mystery colorways! Anyhow, i was at Royal T in culver city today, and noticed the red guy as one of the open samples and had to have him… there is something so mesmerizing about rocking it in your hand as it refuses to fall over and emits this subtle chime like sound… (see the video on the next page to know what i mean)… i also decided to take a new approach on the unboxing of these guys… ripped the box open and scanned in the details so you can see all the graphic design that’s so fun both on the exterior and interior of it! So go see the pics and vid on the next page!

Here’s the full collection (mystery guys and all) as seen at Comic-con!







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Yay! I have two MR.TTT’s and one FLUFFY POP. =)
I love StrangeCo. and KidRobot~

----- Sundae 12.08.08 19:11

(1) Love the comment above.
(2) Love the graphic design on the boxes! (Inside & out!)

----- Maria @ Stickers & Donuts 11.08.08 07:57

Kids toys are so much fun, especially the kind that double as “adult” toys. Coincidence? I think notcot.

----- Kirk 11.08.08 02:29

I just got wormhole and we’re super tight..bew!

----- chelsea 10.08.08 23:24

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