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Inside Obey Giant + Studio Number One- 08.12.08

stud1.jpgInspiring spaces ~ call it studio envy, fascination with creative spaces, growing up seeing the work of Shepard Fairey and his crew on streets not walls… as promised, here’s part 1 of 2 on the little tour of Obey Giant HQ, Studio Number One, and the Subliminal Projects Gallery while i was at Simple Pleasures 01 (Thank you, Yosi and Joycie!) So instead of flooding you with words, just browse through the pics on the next page for my visual tour of their inspiring spaces and things that caught my eye! (and check out the Studio Number One portfolio too!)

UPDATE: See the tour of Shepard Fairey’s Studio







Joycie had a mesmerizing file cabinet i couldn’t resist

This is where all your Obey Giant posters and stickers are coming from!


There was just something cool about these tiny stacks of Hope in the large empty woodiness…

…and lots of peace!




The entrance space of the downstairs gallery Subliminal Projects ~ so gorgeous with the way the lighting is, red and brick in that security guard space and brick and white in the main space… and the open sign… well, it says closed outside… but the security guard sure looks all locked up in there, as if his little space is “open”

Of course, across the way in the empty lot… there are lots of posters up…

It is definitely clear that you are in Obey/Obama territory!

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hai Mr.shepard fairey,i’m zarul from malaysia..i’ll invite u come to malysia and show us more about your amazing obey product,so many my friend is collect obey stuff every week if arived a new obey stuff..i how u will come n promate more about obey in malaysia…tq

----- zarulhazman 30.11.08 05:04

Oh my god, i love you guys, your artwork, and your message! I want to work for you guys soooo badly! OBEY FOREVER!

----- Garrett Tucker 09.10.08 09:03

DO you know the Architect who worked on Studio Number One?

----- Savanah Loftus 08.10.08 13:09

I’m pretty sure this is what heaven looks like…

----- Anand 11.09.08 20:14

The number one emblem on the sidewalk to so cool. That studio looks pretty pimped out as well. Very nice.

----- Ted 14.08.08 23:04

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