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Inside Shepard Fairey’s Studio- 08.12.08

shepf.jpgOk, so i am still kind of giddy from how awesome it was to meet Shepard Fairey and his studio pretty much blew my mind. To see what type of space other creatives work in is one thing… but to feel like you walked into a gallery filled with history and inspiration and visual food for thought in every detail, well that just floored me. I really need a larger space to spread out and fill the walls ~ how can you NOT be creative surrounded with all of that? For now, i share my wall of inspiration with you as NOTCOT.org, my portable digital version… you will enjoy exploring Shepard Fairey’s studio through the pics on the next page, and since there is so much in the details, i left the high res version for you to click through to.

And for the record, he was one of the kindest, humblest, down to earth folks i’ve met in a while. It was great to see that he still has so much passion for what he does, and gets down right giddy when talking about his new projects (and politics). Also above is a new print that he is releasing on Thursday at noon, Duality of Humanity 3 - if you want one, these things disappear within minutes.

From framed records to banksy to andre the giant over the door… click to view larger, so many details, i was spinning in circles trying to take it all in!



Curious what inspiration lies in their books? as with all pics in this post, click to zoom in… and that Obama poster is the official Obama campaign version signed by Obama himself in the logo…

I loved the little obama sticker on the side of the door… and that it was with the original andre the giant screen… nice juxtaposition of how far Shepard Fairey and Obey Giant have come/evolved over the last many years…

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Wattup Shepard!!
I been following your work for about 5 years now and love your creative artistic ideology you put into each of your pieces. Your work inspires me to draw out the political and social issues facing us today in my artwork and getting it out to the public (of course) in a style they can judge and react upon. My ultimate DREAM is to one day meet you and learn more about this revolutionary art form. Keep doing what you do! The world is starving for more revolutionary artists like yourself. Thank you Shepard Fairey | RiseToDefend what you and artist alike represent. Because what “they” FEAR most… is HOPE.

----- Micah Yabes 19.01.12 14:23

Hello!! I’m a free lance photographer here in East LA and i shot a picture in downtown that i really like of one sticker of Andre the Giant in a Parking pole and the LA Building in the Background!! I really love Shepard’s work been following him for a couple of years and will like a Autograph in my Picture… Thank you and God Bless

----- mario carabez jr 17.05.11 16:53

Shepard, Karen and I have been following you and want to express our excitement in all that you have done.

Karen is in Hilo, Hawaii with her 2 girls. Caroline born on your birthday, age 2 and Sophia nearly 5.
Karen manages her husband’s Dermatology practice here. My husband and I stay here in Hawaii 2 mo in the winter and 2 mo in the summer.

We love hearing all the fantastic work you and Amanda have done. Way to Go!!!
Old friend in Chas, SC, Betts

----- Betts Grant 06.02.09 08:05

program wise, it must be “stencil 2.0 8-)

----- kirk Phillip Wilder 15.09.08 11:27

Check out some pics of Shepard’s show at White Walls in San Francisco which opened Sept. 13 2008:
Shepard Fairey@White Walls

----- sketchypad 15.09.08 10:35

does anyone know what programs there using??

----- -PROJECT KAMIKAZE- 09.09.08 23:00

I don’t know why you all drool over Obamma. Do you even know who his foreign advisor is? You people are so stupid and just jump on a bandwagon because it’s cool. Raising taxes, expanding government, being ok with gun control and loose borders are not good things people. Obama is not a saint. He’s a big government, big spending, stupid ass liberal just like Bush. Bush is no conservative. He is as liberal as they come (besides his social views..but they don’t matter in the grand scale of things). Ron Paul had it right. ….lower spending and useless programs, and you don’t have to raise taxes. Give the rights back to the states, not big government. When will your ignorant liberals learn. Do some research. Take some history lessons. It doesn’t work!!!!!!

----- Derek 19.08.08 18:14

I only have 5 or 6 of all those books….sheesh I have a long ways to go!

----- Brandon 12.08.08 16:28

Man… I am in love with his books. So many things to look at! I don’t know where to begin.
I’m so jealous and in awe at the same time…

----- grace 12.08.08 16:22

How much do I want that Obama Change poster?! #1 of 5000 and signed our next prez himself… *drools*

----- a35mmlife 12.08.08 14:07

I didn’t know Shepard had so good taste in music. Bad Brains, Hüsker Dü, Misfits… awesome. And yeah, that studio is really something.

----- Drama 12.08.08 09:03

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