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Lab81’s -Minus&+Plus- 08.06.08

minus.jpgAdorably evil ~ with its perfectly balanced archnemesis… Love this new little -Minus from Lab81, with his devious eyes, tiny side slanted horns, and batwings… and his positive counterpart is +Plus, who has that innocent wide-eyed look, tiny halo, and angelic wings. See more images of these adorable toys, their gold versions, and the incredibly lit window display on the next page!







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Wow, i discovered your site today.
I didn’t know other people loved cool packaging :)
I live in the U.S, but I really want to live in Europe someday. When i move there, i’m oging to get a cocooon phone!
Hope I get a life like yours when i’m older…

----- my fake name is xiana 12.11.08 13:15

Alright, Ive been reading this site for about a month now after discovering it, and I have to say that I am completely jealous of you. I have read just about every post you’ve put up, and I now want everything. From the Ceramic head rings, to the self watering I.V pot, to all the damn electronics that seem to just appear on your doorstep. I live in SoCal, and I totally relate to the style of every post, it is nice to see people who can praise the importance of “being green”, while also not being afraid to say the Coyote Hammock was just terribly cool. If anything else arrives on your doorstep that you might not have a place for, send to it me, because everything you get, I love.

Jealous Fan,

----- Kirk 07.08.08 02:03

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