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Oxo Candela Lights Review- 08.07.08

candela.jpg Candela was acquired by Oxo, and seeing these new Flare lights as rechargeable ambient lighting to replace/accompany candles, i couldn’t resist. While i’ve always loved Candela’s playful kids slug looking lights and the taller lights, i never knew what i’d really do with them. But in the new products since Candela met Oxo, you can immediately see the more mature, versatile, hyperfunctional designs which have emerged around the same technology. The Flare, DemiGlow, and Luau (how fun would it be to run around in the woods with that lantern?) are a gorgeous addition to their family of products, and the Flare look so perfect for everywhere from dinner on the patio to lining around your pool… i finally ordered some… so on the next page see a full unboxing, including an upclose look at what’s in the box, how the lights are put together, and how they light a hallway.

One thing that blew me away on the user experience of the design… these lights run on rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries (which are replaceable), and they are charged by simply playing them on their base, which also doubles as a carrying tray. The lights also have adorable on and off buttons on the base. What i love is that - regardless of whether the light is on, when you place it on the base it goes off… as soon as you lift it from the base it lights up. And silly as it sounds, there is something magical about that interaction. Likewise, if there is a power outage, or you unplug the base to carry the tray, they will all light up. View the unboxing on the next page, and view the full selection of Oxo Candela Lights!


Even though the monitors are extremely bright, this should help give you some sense of scale… and it does make the workspace feel a bit more fun tonight…

To try them out, i had to wait all day for it to get dark (never have i counted down to sundown so anxiously) ~ and tried them out in the hallway… they are far brighter than i realized!

As you can see, there is quite a range of
Oxo Candela Lights these days… from the old school colorful kids lights, to the new ones like the flare and Luau!

Nicely packaged and oh so very Oxo, with that clean design and hyperfunctional product/packing…

Cute little red shoelace like handle makes it that much more fun to carry around. Nice little touch

Not that friendly at first, but certainly efficiently packed.



Something to note, you don’t have to put the handle on the charging tray, it also comes with plugs to cover the holes if you choose not to.

Another thing to note ~ it’s not hot to the touch, so no worries about them overheating, or kids burning themselves on the bulb, etc.


These are definitely now on my list of great gifts ~ from pricing (8’s are 130$, 4’s are 70$, luau is 200$) to packaging to the nice design and great functionality of the lights. Amazon seemed to have the best prices when i was getting mine - shop the whole range here: Oxo Candela Lights

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8 Notes

Hi! I was enamored with Candela after seeing and rescuing them from a thrift store. Right away I found them pictured on the WEB and purchased a charger on Ebay. Sadly, only one of them charged up. I didn’t know whether it was the Candelas or the charger out of whack. So, I opened them up and found corrosion which I cleaned and the lamps now work for about 6 hours per charge, two for slightly longer. I like them very much. Glad to know batteries are still available. Can I also find those tiny bulbs somewhere?

----- Marva Mikell 14.05.16 12:53

well, as much as i wanted to like these, my second set died an ignominious death within a month or two of getting them (just like my first set did). yep, i followed the charging instructions to the letter. nope, didn’t help. these lamps are a nice idea, but the execution is abysmal and the product utterly unreliable. especially since candela is billed as saving money over candles, there should be a major backlash against this overpriced POS, coming soon to a landfill near you.

----- Burned By Candela 18.10.09 11:44

I’ve found Candela to be very unreliable. The problem always seems to be in the base. Customer service is very kind and have replaced a base, then a whole set. Now this one isn’t working. I give up. So cool in every way-I really wanted it to work.

----- kim 31.05.09 11:04

I love these lights. And the company gets an A++ from me for customer service. My original base started acting weird, lights stayed lit while on base, after about 8 months. They replaced for free, no questions asked. Then today I call to buy a replacement base, power surge cooked it yesterday, They don’t sell them a individuals but decided to send me a new base even after I told them it wasn’t a product quality issue, it was caused by a power surge.

Again, A++ for customer service.

----- John Dean 29.12.08 09:43

I bought Candelas for my mom-in-law. She used them for several months and none of them work any more. They were too expensive to break so quickly.

----- zay 17.09.08 14:50

They still are my favorite gift for new parents. They are the perfect light to check in on babies or change a diaper in the middle of the night, just enough to not wake the baby. I love them but unfortunately their batteries all die sooner or later, they simply won’t recharge. We have 4 different sets of candelas and only one set still works.

----- swissmiss 16.09.08 11:11

I hope you will do a follow up in a few months - I’ve had two sets that quit after six months or less (both happily exchanged by OXO, I should add). I’d be interested to know if I was just unlucky with the two sets I got, or if others have problems. I loved them while they worked!

----- Christine 15.09.08 13:36

Love the new forms. It seems odd that they would use Ni-Cd batteries instead of the more eco-friendly Ni-Mh.

----- Fred Hill 12.08.08 06:48

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