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Plust Baddy - Glow Guard Dwarfs- 08.11.08

baddy0.jpgJust spotted at TrendsNow… the deviously badass glowing garden “guard dwarfs”, Baddy by Plust… Design by Joe Velluto and A.Fabbian.

“Garden’s dwarfs are back, but with a brand new role: “guard dwarfs”. With an attitude that could hardly be defined as friendly, they shine thanks to the luminescent resin with which they are produced. Absorbing the light for a few moments they release it along the night, becoming small presences in the dark.”

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4 Notes

Those are fantastic. If I had a front yard I would totally put them out there.

But then again i live in Hamilton, Newcastle, Australia. If I put these awesome things out there they would be nicked within ten minutes ;)

----- Em Stronach 26.08.08 05:19

yeah, but where the heck can i buy one??

----- tim 25.08.08 22:13

This is slightly creepy! It looks like a glowing squid…


----- Sarah 12.08.08 06:29

hahahaha gardenelfs are awesome :]]

----- figue 11.08.08 16:03

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