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Studio Number One’s Simple Pleasures- 08.10.08

simplepleasures.jpgPerfect way to spend a saturday? With good friends, old and new, surrounded by inspiration of all forms (zines, art, artists, designers, photographers, musicians)… in the world of OBEY Giant… as magically facilitated by Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One, who graciously opened up their parking lot to set the scene for the first Simple Pleasures event, “an on-going series of cultural investigations” - This one was focused on zine culture, and in addition to many booths ~ there was an Obey raffle (5$ got you a tote bag of goodies and a chance to win some limited ed posters) ~ the delicious Green Truck lunch truck (amazing burgers, all organic and local, and runs on biodiesel) ~ bake sale of 1$ tempting sweets ~ and we got to kick back to tunes of the DJ Diabetic (Shepard Fairey) and Daedelus… oh and on mind blowing experiences, i got a tour/sneak peek of the studio space of Studio Number One, a chance to take in all the art and inspiration filling their walls… and even chat with Shepard Fairey in his incredible office (wall to wall art and books and toys)… peek at some upcoming works… and wander the Subliminal Projects Gallery downstairs as well… all in all, a phenomenally inspiring day all around. I can’t wait for Simple Pleasures 02!

Ok, so it’s 4am on a Saturday night, i just got home… and as much as i claim i’ll head right to bed… after i take a peek at my pics… you know me… i can’t help but share them with you before i crash. SO, here’s the compromise… first things first, see the next page to see the experience of Simple Pleasures, and coming soon will be a peek into the Studio Number One and Shepard Fairey’s studios!

Welcome to Studio Number One



Here’s Shep himself spinning when we arrived…

Bake Sale courtesy of the lovely Studio Number One ladies!

The irresistible Raffle with tote goodie bag…
















Green Truck - most amazingly delicious and green lunch truck you may ever experience… runs on veggie oil, has compost and recycling spaces, and even biodegradable silverware and plates… and the burger is mmmmmmmmmm - not to mention adorable truck and branding as well!



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9 Notes

Great… Now I have a craving for thyme lemonade and muffs…

----- Jeff 21.09.08 20:38

arkkk…… i missed it!!! i was not in LA during summer
when is the Simple Pleasures 02????

----- winy 16.08.08 06:38

Freakin Awesome.

----- Memphis Monster 12.08.08 10:30

Simple Pleasures was a blast. Thanks Studio Number One!

----- Kelly Lee Barrett 11.08.08 16:31

Rose ~ sorry!!!

I’ve been trying to post LA events i’m all excited about to the NOTCOT in LA facebook group ~ but i missed this one… also, responses there are hard to read, can never tell if anyone even uses it yet, but trying to post stuff as i have time!

join it here: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=9975854986

----- jean/NOTCOT 11.08.08 01:50

why don’t you tell us about these insanely cool events beforehand so that we can come too!! =)

----- rose 10.08.08 23:45

Thanks for coming!

----- weston deboer 10.08.08 15:42

was so much fun and great to see you…as always…

----- a35mmlife 10.08.08 15:34

Great pictures! I so wished I could have been there, but the photos make me feel like I was, almost. Good Job!

----- kate 10.08.08 09:28

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